Download Latest Vivo Mobile Assistant And Vivo PC Suite

Nowadays every OEM provides the PC suite for their devices. So here is the latest download Vivo Mobile Assistant or you can call it’s as Vivo PC Suite 2020 version. It’s now available to download Vivo Assistant. The PC suite is very useful software when you want to transfer files, update devices or other things like synching photos it’s really useful software. This is where you can Download Vivo Assistant for PC. You can take backups and restore backups from this Vivo PC Suite for PC. OEM keeps updating its suites to make support them in their newly launched phones.

The newer version of the Vivo Mobile Suite is available now. If you are still running on the older versions you can download this new one. This new one is come up with the new bugs fixes and some improvements and obviously supporting some new devices too. I have listed the devices this Vivo PC suite supports. You can check the supported devices list if you have one of them you can download Vivo assistant. Let’s check out some of the features of Vivo suite for PC.

Vivo Mobile Assistant Features:

  • Backup and restore full storage
  • Document manager
  • Clipboard sync
  • APK installation from the suite
  • Mobile upgrades from the suite
  • Phone information
  • DataSync, Contacts and Messages backup
  • Pictures and data can be managed directly

Requirements For Vivo PC Suite:

There are no special requirements for this suite to run on PC. But you should be running Windows.

  • Windows 7
  • Windows 8, 8.1 and Windows 10

One thing to note down here, as the Vivo mobiles are MediaTek as well as Snapdragon-based devices. This Vivo Mobile PC Suite will support both the variants. So you don’t need to search for another version for different chipsets phones. Just download and use it. Download the Vivo Mobile Assistant from the below links. Only the latest version is provided below.

Downloads Section:

So you have downloaded the suite now. But how to install and use it? Also, don’t forget to check out the Vivo supported mobiles list for this suite. So considering you are new to this Vivo suite for PC let’s guide you through it.

How To Use:

1.) Firstly, obviously you need to download Vivo Assistant and install it

2.) After that, You need to follow enable developer options and USB debugging.

3.) Now after doing the above steps, connect your Vivo phone to PC by using the USB cable.

4.) After you connect to PC open the Vivo PC suite you just installed earlier.

5.) It will auto-detect your phone and it will automatically connect your device to PC. Note that you may receive a USB debugging notification on phone so allow it.

6.) Now the PC suite is yours. You can see lots of options available for you to do some stuff with it. Like taking backups, checking storage, managing photos, contacts and messages and much more.

Vivo PC Suite Screenshots 1024x727

So it’s all completed now, check out the supported devices list from below. If you have one of the devices from the list you can use the PC suite without any problems.

Supported Devices:

Nex Series

Vivo Nex
Vivo Nex A
Nex S
Vivo Nex Dual Display
Vivo Nex 3

V Series

Vivo V1
Vivo V5
Vivo V5s Plus
Vivo V7
Vivo V9
Vivo V9 Youth
V9 Pro
Vivo V11
Vivo V11 Pro
Vivo V15 Pro
Vivo V17 Neo
V17 Pro

X Series

Vivo X5
Vivo X5 Pro
Vivo X6 Plus
Vivo X6s
Vivo X7 Plus
Vivo X9
X9 Plus
Vivo X9s
Vivo X20
X20 Plus
Vivo X21
Vivo X23
Vivo X27 Pro

Y Series

Vivo Y5
Vivo Y11
Vivo Y15
Vivo Y15s
Vivo Y21
Vivo Y21L
Vivo Y25
Vivo Y27
Vivo Y31
Vivo Y31L
Vivo Y37
Vivo Y51
Vivo Y53
Vivo Y53i
Vivo Y55s
Vivo Y65
Vivo Y67
Vivo Y69
Vivo Y71i
Vivo Y81
Vivo Y83
Vivo Y83 Pro
Vivo Y90
Vivo Y91
Vivo Y93
Vivo Y93s
Vivo Y97

Z Series

Vivo Z1
Vivo Z1 Pro
Z1 Lite
Vivo Z1i
Vivo Z1x
Vivo Z3i
Vivo Z3x
Vivo Z5x

S Series

Vivo S1
Vivo S1 Pro

U Series

Vivo U10

So these are the Devices for which the Suite will work well. If you like the post share it with your friends, Follow our social pages to get all update as soon as possible. Follow here. If you like this tool, please share it with other communities and forums 🙂. Don’t forget to join our telegram group for more wallpapers, Themes, Ringtones Update –

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