How to Edit build.prop File with File Manger and build prop editor

This is the time of smartphone competition to customize your device with killer features. We all know Android is the best platform that offers to customize everything. Each operating system has its config file and for Android All functions stored in the Build.prop file. So changing the Build.prop file will change the Android core functioning values. You can tweak your device without installing any 3rd party apps or mods, need root access to edit Build.prop on Android device. Must check how to edit build.prop file on Android with root File Manger and build prop editor.


Build.prop is a really important system config file in Android and changing its config will danger. Any undesirable change and your device might not get the boot. We don’t take any responsibility if such a situation happens. You have to take responsibility for your activities in case you choose to proceed. You’ve been warned about the risk.


  • Before starting the Process, do a complete backup; your device includes Apps, Contacts, Messages, Gallery files, Internal Storage Files.
  • First, unlock the bootloader and root the device ⇒ Unlock Bootloader | Rooting 
  • Download Latest Magisk Manager for rooting⇒ Latest Magisk Manager
  • Read guide

How to Edit build.prop file with a free File Manager

Editing the build.prop file you need File Manger which accesses Root directory and for that, you have to root the device too, So first root the device then follow these steps. You can use a free file manager like File Explorer Root Browser, Root Explorer and paid File Manager Solid Explorer. This file manager support system access and root directory access.

  1. Open your file manager and access the root directory from the menu option. Here i am using solid explorer you can find the root directory in the menu.

solid explorer root directory

2. Now open root directory and grant root access, then go /system/ folder and there you will find the build.prop file.

build.prop file edit 2

  • If you can’t access the /system/ folder then make sure Make system is mounted as Read/Write.
  • Before modifying the build.prop file, backup the original file into the internal storage and rename it as build.prop.bak. This way, you don’t Need to Worry if anything else goes wrong and your device Won’t boot.

3. Hold build.prop file and tap on 3 – dot menu, then tap open with ⇒ Se Text Editor.

How to Edit build.prop with Build Prop Editor

You can install free BuildProp Editor by JRummy’s which is an app dedicated to editing the build.prop file. Yes, this app is required root access to edit BuildProp file.

BuildProp Editor
BuildProp Editor
Developer: JRummy Apps
Price: Free+

This app is a simple editor with many features here is the top features


  • The program enables you to backup your initial build.prop too before you access to changing it.
  • You could also edit the whole build.prop file simultaneously just like on another text editor that is normal.
  • It enables you to increase and decrease font size for more comfortable studying, look for a line of code.
  • add numbers to the lines alter the font mode along with lots of different items associated with enhancing your expertise.

if you edit build.prop frequently, then this is the best app for you. If you don’t know how to mod the device with edit the file then you must try 20 Awesome Android Build.Prop Tweaks To Customize Android.

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