Download Latest Magisk Manager Stable and Beta Magisk Zip (Magisk 19.3)

Looking for Latest and Old version of Magisk Build? In this page, you will the Latest and old apk. Here is the Latest Magisk Manager Version 7.3.2 – installer Zip 19.3 and Beta. The Stable 19.3 support EMUI 9.1 and Support EROFS filesystems for mirrors. The Manager 7.3.2 now supports Samsung AP firmware on Android P, New UI. And the Magisk 19.3 + support both Huawei EMUI 9.0 and Samsung ONE UI device and Support Android Q Beta 2 update.

What is Magisk?

Magisk is the best alternative of Chainfire’s SuperSU phh’s SuperUser for rooting Android device’s. Topjohnwu He is the best developer who developed this app. If you have installed the SuperSU on your device, then you might have seen the issue that you can’t run the banking Apps on your phone because of rooting. Magisk will hide the rooting on a specific app you want then you can run the restricted root apps. You can also install Modules it will mod your Android device same like xpose framework.


  • Mount
  • Manager
  • Resetprop
  • Multiple entry PointsFully open source
  • Fully open source
  • Standard stuff like DRM-verity checks and much more
  • SU
  • Systemless Root
  • Hide Root with Root Hide
  • Modules

Magisk Manager Changelogs:-

- HUGE code base modernization, thanks @diareuse!
- More sweet changes coming in the future!
- Reboot device using proper API (no more abrupt reboot)
- New floating button in Magisk logs to go to bottom

Magisk Zip Changelogs:-

- kHide] Hugely improve process monitor implementation, hopefully should no longer cause 100% CPU and daemon crashes
- [Init] Wait for partitions to be ready for early mount, should fix bootloops on a handful of devices
- [Init] Support EROFS used in EMUI 9.1
- [SU] Properly implement mount namespace isolation
- [Boot] Proper checksum calculation for header v2

Download Stable Magisk Zip

VersionDownload Link
Latest Magisk

Download Magisk Manager Latest To Old

VersionDownload Link
Latest v7.3.2MagiskManager-v7.3.2.apk

Download Magisk Beta Zip

VersionDownload Link

Latest Uninstaller ⇒

How to install

You can install the Manager simply by installing the apk. You can install Magisk Zip with two way first is with twrp recovery (no root required) and second with Flashify App (Root Required).


  • First backup Phone Apps and Internal Storage Files.
  • Make sure your device is Bootloader unlocked.
  • Install Twrp Recovery On Your device to Flash Zip file.
  • Maintain 30-40% battery.
  • Delete some data if no spcae in internal storage.

How to Install Magisk With Twrp Recovery

1. Download Latest Manager apk” and “Stable Zip” or Beta Zip if you want to use the latest features.

2. Copy Manager apk and Magisk Zip to internal storage or sd card (Don’t Extract).

3. Install Manager apk don’t open and switch off your phone.

4. Turn your phone into Recovery Mode by Volume Navigation key + Power Button.

5. Go to Install ⇒ Navigate to the Zip file  Swipe to install.

6. Back and reboot your device.

Video Guide

Verify Installation:-

  • Open the app and Check SafetyNet and root access.

  • You can hide root on a specific app from Magisk Hide option.

  • Now install some Modules from Modules Menu 🙂
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