How to Unlock Android bootloader via Fastboot Command

The new Android device comes with the locked bootloader; You can’t flash recovery like twrp or other .img files until you unlock the bootloader. But after Unlock Android bootloader you can able to flash any recovery, moded images file even you can root the device. In this guide, we will share How to Unlock Bootloader via Fastboot Command.

Unlocking bootloader is an easy thing any Android user can do that with this guide, but not all the Android phone’s support directly Unlocking bootloader via fastboot. Manny Android Vendor like Huawei, LG, HTC, Motorola, Sony doesn’t support direct bootloader unlock you have to request the unlock code via their official website then you can unlock. But you can still unlock Google, Oneplus and many Android devices by fastboot OEM unlock command. In This page Follow the steps to learn How to Unlock Android bootloader via Fastboot Command.

Note: Unlocking the bootloader will completely reset your device. So first backup App’s, Contacts, Messages before start the process.

Benefits of Unlock Bootloader:-

After Unlock Bootloader you can able to install TWRP Recovery, Rooting Installing custom ROM’s and customize the device.

Also, you can unbrick the device by the flash boot.img, system.img, recovery.img, userdata.img. You can flash the full factory image on Google Nexus and pixel device after unlocking the bootloader.

Guide To Unlock Android Bootloader Via Fastboot Command

1. First Enable USB Debugging Mode And OEM Unlock On your Devices and Install Android Driver on your pc.

2. Download and setup Latest Minimal ADB And Fastboot Tools you can install complete package or Download Latest Minimal ADB And Fastboot tool and unzip it.

3. Connect your Android Device to the pc and open Cmd Window on “platform-tools” folder by Hold Shift + Mouse Right Button ⇒ Open Command Window Here.

open command here windows 10 300x300

4. Now boot your Android device into bootloader mode by using the following command, or you can do it manually by Volume Up or Down + Power Key.

adb reboot bootloader

5. Now check device connected or not via this command.

fastboot device

If show “waiting for any device” then re-install the driver, Or install it manually via the device manager.

6. Once your device connected, paste the following command to Unlock Bootloader via Fastboot Command.

fastboot oem unlock

fastboot oem unlock

Note:- Some device’s need to confirm the unlocking. Press Volume Up button to confirm the unlock and press the Power button to select it.

oem unlock confirm

7. Once bootloader unlock is done, you can check it’s unlocked or not by the following command.

fastboot unlock-info or fastboot oem device-info

8. You can reboot the device anytime by following this command

fastboot reboot

First boot needs a few minutes because the device will go through the factory reset. So wait until the normal boot.

Note: Linux user, use the code: “sudo fastboot OEM unlock” and mac user “./fastboot OEM unlock

Comment below if you were getting any error we can help you.

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