Top 10 Magisk Modules of 2019, Xposed Framework Alternative

Magisk is now alternative of Xposed Framework because of no development progress of Xposed Framework. The Magisk support both rooting Superuser and Magisk Modules for customization same as Xposed Modules. We already posted the Xposed Framework guide and Latest Magisk with the install guide. Magisk support both Android 8.0 and Android 7.0 with Superuser root manager and Magisk Framework Modules. There are many Magisk Modules you like but here we will share the Top 10 Magisk Modules of 2019.

What is Magisk?

Magisk is the best alternative of Chainfire’s SuperSU phh’s SuperUser for rooting Android device’s. Topjohnwu He is the best developer who developed magisk. If you have installed the SuperSU on your device, then you might have seen the issue that you can’t run the banking Apps on your phone because of rooting. Magisk will hide the rooting on a specific app you want then you can run the restricted root apps. You can also install Magisk Modules it will mod your Android device same like xpose framework. So here some to Magisk Modules we have tested so far.

Features Of Magisk:-

  • Resetprop
  • Hide Root with Magisk Hide
  • Magisk Mount
  • MagiskSU
  • Magisk Manager
  • Magisk Framework
  • Multiple entry PointsFully open source
  • Fully open source
  • Standard stuff like DRM-verity checks and much more
  • Systemless Root

Here are the Top 10 Magisk Modules for Android 7.0:-

1. App Systemizer

App Systemizer Magisk Modules

Allows you to convert any application as a system application. This allows you to install applications and Magisk Modules as a system. These applications are maintained as system applications even after uninstalling Magisk.

Download Link

Installation:- simply flash the latest version of App Systemizer zip via twrp recovery. 

2. ART Optimization

ART Optimizatio Magisk Modules

It can optimize the way you handle your applications, making them all faster, and your users report many improvements after installing the module. This module configures ART optimizations on the device and can be changed on-the-fly, depending on the profile chosen by a user.

Download Link 

Installation:- Search ART Optimization in Magisk Modules or Download the latest zip and flash it via twrp. 

3. ViPER4Android Installer

ViPER4Android Magisk Module

The systemless installer installs the ViPER4Android application and the driver. Detects and supports the x86 V4A driver. Increase the audio quality of your device. Viper4Android offers extended audio functionality to your device. It allows you to customize and modify various parts of the Android audio system, such as individual device speaker control, Bluetooth outputs, and audio performance of the device.

Download Link

Installation:- Search ViPER4Android in Magisk Modules or Download the latest zip and flash it via twrp. 

4. AM3D Zirene® Sound

AM3D Zirene Magisk Module

AM3D sound mod by Zirene, which allowing easy tweaking around with the audio profiles for your system, it has a simple and minimalistic interface.

Download Link

Installation:- Search AM3D Zirene in Magisk Modules or Download the latest zip and flash it via twrp. 

5. Dolby Atmos

Dolby Atmos Magisk Module

ZTE and Lenovo had introduced Dolby’s Atmos Sound technology to their devices but you can also install via Magisk here is the Module.

Download Link

Installation:- Search Dolby Atmos in Magisk Modules to install. 

6. iYTBP Ad-Free YouTube with Background Play

Ad Free YouTube Magisk Module

iYTBP Magisk Module allows you to play Ad-Free YouTube videos with Background Playback.

Download Link

Installation:- Search iYTBP in Magisk Modules or Download the latest zip and flash it via twrp.

7. Greenify4Magisk

Greenify4Magisk Magisk Module

Greenify can optimize the way your applications work in hibernation mode, greatly optimizing your battery.

Download Link

Installation:- Search Greenify4Magisk in Magisk Modules or Download the latest zip and flash it via twrp.

8. YouTube Vanced

YouTube Vanced 300x300

YouTube Vanced brings many features such as adblocking and background playback, themes, the full features list can be found below. So you can watch your favorite videos without ADS, also if you want to use Youtube as a Music apk then its possible with YouTube Vanced for android. This app also Override Max Resolution and Pinch to Zoom on all devices

Download YouTube Vanced

Installation:- Search YouTube Vanced in Magisk Modules or Download the latest zip for your phone version and flash it via twrp.

9. Emoji One

Emoji One Magisk Module

EmojiOne magisk Module will replace Google Emoji to EmojiOne 3.0, which includes all newly redesigned emojis. Emoji One will add iOS emojis on your Android device with this module.

Download Link

Installation:- Search Emoji One in Magisk Modules or Download the latest zip for your phone version and flash it via twrp.

10. CloudFlare DNS


CloudFlare says DNS is faster than any DSN provider and it also 28% faster than other all DNS services. Cloudflare has worked with APNIC to offer its DNS service through This module is so simple to use. It forwards all your data through CloudFlare’s servers. This app works on any Android device

Link CloudFlare DNS

Installation:- Modules or Download the latest zip from Top 10 Magisk Modules for your phone version and flash it via twrp.

More Magisk Modules like Enable Doze for GMS Magisk Module, Increase Headset Volume – Headset Volume Booster, Unified Hosts Adblock. 

To fix SafetyNet issue use Universal SafetyNet Fix magisk module on your android device 

Hope you like it share like and comment below if you need any installation help 🙂

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