“Xiaomi MI 9 is amazing” shouts Lei Jun, record Antutu 387851 score proves that

Going through the promotion of appearance and design yesterday, the focus of Xiaomi MI 9 today is of course the Snapdragon 855, and it is claimed to be a real world premiere.

Lei Jun also stressed that in order to strengthen co-operation with Qualcomm, Xiaomi set up the US R&D center in August 2017. At the beginning of the 855 project, Xiaomi team participated in the discussion of chip products and tracked and verified the whole process design. Co-optimized the chip solution, using three times of research and development and testing resources to achieve today’s Snapdragon 855.

Now, Lei Jun gave the first performance score of Xiaomi MI 9, and the comprehensive running of Ann Bunny v7.2.4 was divided into 387851!

Lei Jun shouted, “Xiaomi MI 9 is amazing, fighting angels, can really fight”!

xiomi 9 lei jun

What does this mean? Prior to this, Qualcomm officially gave the 855 mobile phone bunny to 362110, and Xiaomi suddenly exceeded 7%.


According to the official list of Ann Bunny, the best Snapdragon 845 mobile phone is the Red Devils Mars, with an average score of 320,996 points, followed by Huawei Mate 20 based on Kirin 980, with an average score of 308,140 points, and Xiaomi 9 is 20.8% higher than them.

In addition to the A12 processor iPhone XS Ann Bunny average score of 361,035 points, Xiaomi 9 also exceeded it 7.4%, is currently the veritable king of running points.

cpu score xiomi 9

Of course, according to the past situation, this should be said to be the best result of Xiaomi MI 9, in the initial stage, the Snapdragon 855 mobile phone is expected to be in the early 370,000 points.

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