Download Xiaomi Poco F1 2.0 Launcher For Any Android APK

Recently, Xiaomi introduced their sub-brand in India POCO. Name sound weird though, it can be called a rip off of OPPO for using Realme brand name. Xiaomi is known for their aggressive pricing with high specifications. They introduced new brand Poco just to create hype like Xiaomi had in India a 4 years ago. Xiaomi Poco F1 comes the main highlight is Snapdragon 845 at 21K (300$). Equipped with 4K mAh battery and a liquid cooling plus adding to this an infrared sensor. So Xiaomi made some few changes to the UI also. no, it’s not stock Android it’s just a modified version of MIUI. There is a different launcher called Poco Launcher. This new Xiaomi launcher has added some new features but I feel it yet to be implemented correctly. So as always here is the new Xiaomi Poco F1 2.0 Launcher For Any Android APK (Latest).

About Poco F1 Launcher (Poco Launcher):

The new Xiaomi launcher is a modified version of MIUI like the launcher. MIUI launcher doesn’t have an app drawer but Poco F1 launcher (Poco Launcher) has the app drawer. the Poco Launcher gives more feel like stock Android. I think Xiaomi noticed most of the peoples are preferring the Stock Android UI over MIUI. Also, the new feature like categorizing the apps like entertainments, social, system, games etc. That would be helpful. Double tap to wake is also supported. For more information just watch the official video by MIUI posted on Twitter on the launch of Xiaomi Poco F1 for new Xiaomi launcher.

The 2.0 Update:

Poco has constantly updating and adding new features to Poco F1. Whether it may be camera features or any other. Earlier, Poco tweeted about the launcher 2.0 it may be sign for new Poco F2 too who knows. There are some changes and this launcher is available in BETA as of now. So if you want you can download the BETA version. Here are some changes made listed below. As its BETA version more features will be added soon!!

  • Now you can add, delete, and rename custom app categories. Adding and removing apps from the categories is also supported.
  • We boosted overall performance.
  • We made a lot of minor UI improvements.
  • fixed some bugs as well.


Looks diffrent right? So why not try it just follow the steps below to install Poco F1 2.0 Launcher For Any Android . APK is available but its in BETA stage so APK may not work properly. We will surely update the post as soon as we receive it.

Download Xiaomi Poco F1 2.0 Launcher For Any Android:

To get the BETA version you should apply for BETA version from above link. Then you can get BETA updates from Poco Launcher 2.0. To apply for BETA scroll down the play store link there you can see apply for beta.

Or just you can download the latest APK from APK Mirror link below.

To Install APK:

  • Download the PocoLauncheBetaversion.APK file. Copy it your external SD card or internal storage.
  • If you are installing the APK for the first time. Then enable unknown sources from security settings.
  • Install the PocoLauncheBetaversion.APK and open it.
  • Enjoy the customization.

To Uninstall the APK Version:

Go to Settings > Installed Application > System Launcher
Uninstall updates

Done, If you have any problems comment below. Also, you can contact us at our Official Facebook page GIZDEV. Like our Facebook and Instagram pages for more stuff and updates on phones, themes, customizations, leaks, mods.

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