How To Add Device Mockup In Screenshots With Snapmod App

Everyone takes lots of screenshots every day, it may be for work or maybe for other reasons like storing it for proofs…!! Any way you can make your screenshots more interesting and cool by adding them a device frame. Adding the device frame to the screenshot will really look good if you wanna try something different and may come in handy anytime. Gone are the days for normal screenshots you can make those screenshots much better by just simple tricks. So here you will know How To Add Device Mockup in Screenshots with Snapmod app. This app is available on play store you can find it easily otherwise I have given the link at the end of the post. let’s know how to add device mockup screenshots with the snapmod app.

Device Mockup Screenshots With Snapmod App:

Just by downloading the app you can get various smartphones frames free. There are lots of smartphone models available that you can use. Samsung, Google, Xiaomi, Meizu, Vivo, OPPO, OnePlus, Apple, Essential, etc smartphones frames are available. The app is free on play store if you wish to unlock some other features you can buy the app if you want. The added frames don’t make the screenshots blurry it’s of really a good quality.

How To Mockup_Screenshots With Snapmod App:

1.) Download the Snapmod App from the play store. [Link is given at the end of post]

2.) Open the Snapmod app, a short tutorial will be introduced swipe to complete it. Now you need to download the device frames.

3.) On the home screen of SnapMode tap on the phone icon in the middle of the screen. It will open a list of frames and device names.

4.) After adding the frames select any of your screenshots or any image.

5.) You can fit any image in the frame of your selected frame easily and automatically. The generated image you can save it in your phone’s gallery.

Downloads Section:

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