Android 11 Developer Preview Is Out Now, What’s New and Features

Android 11 Developer Preview Is Out Now Whats New and Features e1582473490322

Google has announced the beta version of Android 11 recently. As its the developer preview the update only for a few devices can access this preview release. Google has been released the Android 11 Developer Preview update for all six Google Android devices. This update is only intended for developers and its not stable. So if you want to use the developer preview you’ll need a Pixel device. Though its a developer preview the Android 11 features we can expect from this update. So what’s changed from Android 10? What are some other changes in this newer version? So let’s check the answers now.

What’s New?/ Android 11 Features:

We will check one by one of the new things introduced in this latest preview. Thanks, XDA developers for screenshots.

1.) In-Built Screen Recorder Toggle In Quick Settings:

The screen recorder is in-built available in this newer version of Android. Though it was already available in lots of custom UI’s. The new thing added is the option is now available in the quick settings toggle. So you don’t need to search anywhere in settings. Though one more thing to note here is that the screen recorder still doesn’t support internal apps recordings. I hope this will be added in the future updates just hope so.

2.) New Interface for DND settings:

Not much is changed in this aspect. Though it’s just reorganized a bit and made more easily to organize the DND service according to our preferences. You can customize it like in the categories. Peoples, Apps, and Alarms so you can adjust DND settings by going into these settings.

3.) Dark Mode Scheduling:

In the last Android 10 update, the dark mode was universally enabled. Now the dark mode you can schedule it according to your preference. Though it was already available in the many of the custom UI’s still, its now available by default in the Android itself. You can just adjust it to set as a Sunrise to Sunset or customize the time as per your needs. You can adjust them to your needs or just set it as an automatic sunrise to sunset. You can see this feature in the Android 11 developer preview.

4.) Bubble Notifications and Conversation in the Notifications Panel:

The bubble notifications were introduced in the Android 10. But we have to enable it from developer options. Now the Bubble notifications are enabled by default. You need to hold on to notifications and then enable the bubble notifications. But the app you are using should support this feature too to use this feature.

Talking about the Conversations in the notifications panel. Now you can see full convo in the notifications panel itself. No need to open the app now just check out the notifications see the message and reply from the notification panel itself. Also, one more thing to add you can set here the bubble notifications or also snooze the notifications.

5.) Gestures and Permissions:

The gesture’s location is now changed. They are now available in Accessibility settings rather than Settings–System–Gestures. Same as Android 10 the full gesture navigation system is available in the device.


Talking, about Android 11 features permissions, now you can an app as don’t ask ever the permissions. Also, you can set the app to ask for permission every time you open the app.  If you annoyed by the permissions then you can also set to disable by denying permissions twice.

6.) Refresh Rate:

It’s now any feature but just information available to display. Now you can see the available refresh rate in the developer options.

7.) Motion Sense And Touch Sensitivity:

The motion sensor was earlier introduced in Pixel 4. You can just the swipe out the hand over the phone to change the music, play previous, next songs, etc. It’s available for Pixel 4 but you can try Motion Sense On Any Android. Another Pixel exclusive function is increased touch sensitivity. That’s now an always handy feature but still its good to go.

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