Android Oreo Is Now Mandatory For Mobiles Launched After 31st March

Android Oreo Is Now Mandatory

Android Oreo Is Now Mandatory google certificationGoogle now pushing lazy OEM’s who just wants to rest on the older Android versions to upgrade to Oreo. Google will not give certifications for the smartphones which will launch after 31st March. Till now it was easy to use non certified devices with Google account. But after Google introduced Google certification it will not allow non certified devices to use with the Google Account.

Considering some of the lazy OEM’s which wants stay on older versions this will be struck to them. Finally users will be able to use Android Oreo on almost all of the devices from budget segment to the high budget phones.

Decision Effect:

This move by the Google will be helpful to users in aspects of security, features and many more things. Mobiles will be faster with the Android Oreo. Smartphones will come oreo out of the box so no need to wait for OEM updates. As you are already getting the latest version of Android.

Google certification will be compulsory for properly running the Android devices. certification will be necessary for Google services to run. Even if you bypass the lock Google account will not be useful it will surely give the error messages.

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Many of the reputed brands like Samsung, Huawei, Nokia, ZTE are already giving the Oreo out of the box for their new devices. This Google move will surely push the small brands which doesn’t care to give the updates to their smartphones. Smartphones without Android will not work anymore.

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