Guide To Use Fingerprint Gestures On Any OREO Device Without Root

At this time almost every smartphone comes with Fingerprint Gestures features. But if you have old smartphone user and you will use stock oreo firmware or any oreo custom ROM then you should try Fingerprint Gestures feature on your device. Today we share instruction to use Fingerprint Gestures on any Android device. This app use on the Rooted or Non-Rooted both device.

Use Fingerprint Gestures On Any OREO Device

You can use the fingerprint scanner to up and down Quick Settings /Notifications, on/off the flashlight, toggle split screen, and much more actions. Everythings will be done by a simple app that you can find in Play Store. Each action can be performed via each swipe gesture.

Thanks to “AnkitChowdhury” to build this app. We found this thread in XDA forum and want to share on our blog. This app requires Android 8.0 oreo or newer running device to work and the device must have a fingerprint sensor to use this. The app is free with no ads. So it can use everyone freely. So let’s go to the features and instruction to use Fingerprint Gestures.

Fingerprint Gestures for any android features:

Fingerprint Gestures Supported:

  • Swipe Up, Left, Down, Right.
  • Double Swipe Up, Swipe Left, Swipe Down, Swipe Right.

Actions Supported:

  • Toggle Notification
  • Launch App
  • Scroll Screen Up and Down
  • Back
  • Home
  • Show Recent Apps
  • Open Google Assistant
  • Open Notification Panel
  • Play/Pause Song
  • Previous Song
  • Next Song
  • Show Power Dialog
  • Toggle Split Screen
  • Show Quick Settings
  • Turn Flashlight On
  • Brightness + and –
  • Audio volume + and volume –
  • Toggle Auto Brightness
  • Maximum and Minimum Brightness
  • And much more.

You can find Fingerprint Action Pro:

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Developer: Ankit Chowdhury
Price: Free+

Use Fingerprint Gestures On Any OREO Device

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