Snapdragon BatteryGuru 3.0 – Improves your battery Life

Snapdragon BatteryGuru 3.0 – Improves your battery LifeSnapdragon BatteryGuru 3.0

You want to improve your smartphone battery life as we know some application and background service draining the battery like facebook app messenger app and google service apps like play store and play store apps, chrome browser eating the ram and CPU. also your device this app will help fix the heating issue of your smartphone. So here the best battery saving app Snapdragon BatteryGuru 3.0.

Snapdragon battery guru, an application that monitors what is going behind the scenes on your phone, and adjusts the phone settings to optimize battery life, The application learns your behavior personal phone and then devises ways to optimize battery performance based on these behaviors. For example, leaving about wi-fi can drain the battery power, as the phone is constantly searching for a wi-fi network connection. Battery guru learns your wi-fi hotspots frequently used, and then allows wi-fi when you’re around.

This application is updated when you need them to be and no battery drain when you do not want them.

Snapdragon battery guru can extend battery life by intelligently making changes that help optimize in smartphones device functionality with Snapdragon mobile processors.

After a 7 day use, snapdragon battery guru will learn the user’s behaviors and continues to operate in the background, deepening its understanding of the user and further optimizing battery life over time.

Note:-  Snapdragon BatteryGuru 3.0 currently support only Qualcomm Snapdragon devices.

BatteryGuru 3.0 Features:-

• Delivers Longer Battery Life With Fewer Charges.
• Intelligently Learns How You Use Your Snapdragon-Powered smartphone And Optimizes Your Device Without Disabling Smartphone Functionality.
• Requires No User Configuration – Snapdragon Batteryguru automatically Learns And Adjusts The Smartphone Settings So You Don’t Have To.


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