Android Q first Experience, Features, Design and Downloads

Google has announced the beta version of Android Q on March 13, 2019, but the update only for a few devices can access this beta release. Google has been released the Android Q beta update for all six Google Android device. At the moment, all we know is that the operating system is called Android Q (Android 10). The wait for the official name of Android Q should go until the third quarter of 2019, which means when the stable version of Android Q will be released to the public.

Compared to Android Pie, Android Q has a lot of visual changes, but it is more stable. This makes the freshness and impact of the Android Q upgrade not very strong. In Android Q, Google further promoted the new Material Design design, rounded, white theme is the main theme of this version. let’s look at the features and screenshots of Android Q.

Android Q Features and Design

There are many features that we find and hopefully have more resources in the coming weeks, but these are not the final features. In fact, some features may be discarded while others may appear at the time the final version arrives in the third quarter of 2019. The new features in Android Q are Android Q desktop mode, Android Q WiFi sharing via QR code, Newly designed file manager, App Task View and more.

Android Q desktop mode

Google finally brought the desktop mode on Android Q Beta 1, which users can open via the ADB command line. Although Google has already launched the Android x86 project to apply Android to the desktop environment, there are also teams such as Remix that have developed customized operating systems for the desktop environment. The desktop mode came to the native Android phone, this is the first time.

Android Q desktop mode

App Tasks View

App Tasks View Android Q

Accent color, icon shape selection

Accent color icon shape

Newly designed Android Q file manager

Android Q file manager

New designed Google Maps and Google Photos

Android Q Google Maps Google Photos

Android Q Default white theme and dark mode theme

The black-based theme of “Dark Mode” has recently been sought after by manufacturers and users, mainly because of power saving and eye protection. Android Q has finally introduced a system-level theme, which needs to be opened via the adb command line, and the application has to adapt it.

Android Q Theme

App flashback

Android Q WiFi sharing via QR code

Android Q allows users to share and connect to Wi-Fi networks using QR codes, something that should be useful for those who always want to have strong Wi-Fi passwords, but not just to enter those characters. All you now is to simply scan to connect the wifi.

Android Q Wi Fi share

Privacy and Permissions

Android Q allows users to grant permissions to applications based on usage. Previously, users could only make “two choices” when granting App permissions: Allow access at any time (including when in the background), or prohibit access at any time. Android Q offers a third option here: Allow access only at runtime.

Android Q permissions

When is Google going to release the Android Q?

  • May 2019 release for the public beta
  • Stable version arrives in Q3, most probably August 2019

Android Q Downloads

Google has been released the Android Q factory Beta images for Google Pixel devices you can download and install the OTA image via ADB sideload.

Download Android Q OTA image How to install Android Q Via ADB sideload

We have also posted Android Q Stock Wallpapers, Stock Ringtones and we will update more Android Q Downloads in next updates.

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