Download Best 400+ Minimalist Wallpapers Full Collection

The smartphones PC’s screens are getting bigger and much sharper day by day. So does their looks and other aesthetic aspects. The wallpapers are also part of that, so the wallpapers should be of the same resolution or more of a high resolution. I have collected the best Minimalist wallpapers for PC and Android they are 400+ in numbers. Of course the Minimalist wallpapers for Android also you can get them if you want. But with the bigger and wider screen, it will look even better. I tried these wallpapers on my OnePlus 7 Pro and they really look good. You should give it a try. These are mixed resolution wallpapers you don’t have to worry about the quality. I think these are Best Minimalist wallpapers I have seen yet.


The minimalist type wallpapers are a different kind of wallpapers. Which really looks good if you customize some of the other aspects too. You can try various NOVA setups for it so it’ll look really good. Various characters and other mixed wallpapers are available in the ZIP File. I love minimal wallpapers I use them frequently. But especially these are good when you want to customize some screen setups. There are superheroes, texts and other minimalist pictures are available.
So what Genre are these wallpapers? These all wallpapers are of mixed Genre. Some are of texts, some pictures are of superheroes texts and popular logos, etc. I just find them really good looking so I added them right away. I have provided some screenshots below for more references. These are Minimalist wallpapers for Android too will work well. I used these wallpapers with the Android as well on PC.

Some Suggestions:

I use these types of wallpapers with the Nova setups. If you want to use these wallpapers more effectively try with the Nova setups. You can find lots of Nova setups on YouTube and they are really easy to try out. You can customize the wallpapers with the same looking icon packs like for batman wallpaper you can use some black icons and white texts with minimal icons on the home screen.


I can’t upload all of them but some wallpapers are below. These are lowered resolutions walls.

Download Minimalist Wallpapers For Android/PC:

These are the ZIP files of Cool Minimalist wallpapers. The size of the ZIP file is about 47MB. So you’ll need much data to download. It’s a one-click download so stop searching for wallpapers download the ZIP and select the best wallpapers from the ZIP file. In the ZIP file, there are 400+ wallpapers combined!! So you can download them from below links. The link is the high-speed link so you will get full speed download.

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