How to Get OTA Update Zip File Download Link on Android Devices

If you are an Android user, then you must be receiving updates on your Android phone via OTA, but some device gets the OTA updates a few days late. In this case, iPhone users receiving updates at the same time because of the OS and the device manufactured by the same brand. But Android is an Open-source environment, manufacture that has to modify, customize the os as their device. Android phones have to follow all the countries’ policies, laws to implement the update, and that’s why some countries receive the update in delay. But you can update the device manually via the OTA zip file if you get the zip file from another device. In this guide, we will show you how to get OTA update zip File download link on Android devices.

Some Android OEM manufacturer provides OTA faster in their top device. OnePlus, Google Pixel, Samsung Galaxy series flagships receive OTA updates faster than other devices. But these updates are also region-specific some countries get the update first and other countries get the update after a few weeks or months. Also, the manufacturer provides a beta program, the registered user can only get the update in their device. But other users also can update their phone if the user gets OTA zip file. So in this post, we will show you a guide on how you can Get OTA Update Zip File download link from an Android device, and after you can download the zip file in your desktop, laptop and you can update your Android device manually.


  • Make sure the device received an OTA update.
  • Make sure USB Debugging is already enabled in the device you can follow this guide ⇒
  • Install Android USB Driver on your Pc or laptop ⇒
  • Follow all the steps

(Method 1 )

Get OTA Update Zip File Download Link using Android SDK Platform Tool

1. First Download Latest Android SDK Platform Tool and unzip the folder to your Desktop Laptop.

2. Next open platform-tools folder and open command prompt by hold Shift +  Mouse Right button ⇒ Open Command Prompt Here.

3. Now connect your Android device with pc and execute this command.

adb logcat > ota_link.txt

ota link Get OTA Update Zip File

4. Now go to system update on your Android device and check for update SettingsSystem ⇒ Software Update. Start downloading the update and wait for 20, 30 seconds then pause the update.

5. Next, navigate to platform-tools folder on your desktop and look for the ota_link.txt file.

6. Now file the OTA zip file download URL in Notepad or Notepad ++ by ctrl + f, and copy the zip file download link URL and paste it in the browser or any download manager.

ota link ota zip file

For the rooted phone:

If your device is rooted the You can simply use a terminal emulator app to get OTA update URL.

  • install a terminal emulator on your phone.
  • Then use the “logcat > /sdcard/ota.txt” command to capture a full logcat of the system.

Bear in mind, only push the download button whenever you’ve implemented the command. The ota.txt document is going to be put on the origin of your device’s storage. Be aware that this method simply permits you to catch Android OTA URL.

(Method 1 )

Get OTA Update Zip File Download Link using Mobile

1. First, enable “Developer options” on your device and install any file Explorer on your phone.

2. Go to the system updates and start downloading the new update.

3. Then Quickly go to Settings ⇒ Developer options and tap on “Take bug report” option, and select “Interactive report“. and finally, tap the report to capture OTA update URL of the latest firmware.

4. Once the report is completed, tap on it and share it via the file manager.

Now, open the file and search for “OTA”, “.zip”, keywords. copy the download URL and, download the file with browser or download manager.

Once you completed downloading the OTA zip file you can update it via a local update on your mobile ora via ADB sideload update method.

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