How To Connect Samsung Galaxy Buds To iPhone (Easy Method)

The launch of Apple Airpods made a earphones something a way different. So the all the manufacturers started their buds. The most good and tough competitor for Airpods is Galaxy buds. What if you have Galaxy buds and an iPhone? So here’s How To Connect Samsung Galaxy Buds To iPhone (Easy Method). There are similar features of Galaxy Buds compared ti Apple Airpods. Galaxy buds are premium too, I liked them more than Apple Airpods personally. So let’s know how you can connect Samsung Galaxy Buds To iPhone.

Samsung Galaxy Buds To iPhone:

Ofcourse there will be some features which will not work connecting to iPhone. Like, Ambient aware mode and Automatic sync will not work. The ambient aware mode is that it will allow surrounding noise to flow through buds to let you know what’s happening in the surroundings. This feature works only on Android. But for siri not to worry cause it supports siri completely. Also, the Galaxy buds cost less than Airpods which is much better!!

How To Connect Samsung Galaxy Buds To iPhone (Easy Method):

1.) Firstly, you have to unpair the Galaxy buds connected to other Android devices before. To unpair the Galaxy Buds,

  1. Open Galaxy Wearable app on your smartphone. There you will see option for disconnect, tap on that option.
  2. Or you can go to Settings—>Bluetooth connections—>Unpair Galaxy buds from there.

2.) Now second step is to turn on Bluetooth option on your iPhone.

3.) Search for the Galaxy buds, wait some time till the Galaxy Buds appear in available devices.

4.) Then tap on Galaxy Buds option and connect it.

5.) If you are not getting the Galaxy Buds available device then turn off Bluetooth on iPhone and again turn on. Again search it.

6.) After getting the option pair the device with iPhone and done you can now use your Galaxy Buds on your iPhone.

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