Guide To Disable Navigation Bar On OnePlus 5T (Root)

Guide To Disable Navigation Bar On OnePlus 5T (Root)

Guide To Disable Navigation Bar On OnePlus 5T RootWant to disable navigation bar on OnePlus 5T? so here is the guide for you. Just follow the simple guide and you will get your disabled on-screen navigation bar. As we all know we can’t disable fully the navigation bar on OnePlus 5T just by using build.prop. We have to do something more with build.prop. We need to use the Magisk, System less Xposed framework and gravity box. So follow the post Guide To Disable Navigation Bar On OnePlus 5T (Root).

Firstly, this process needs root on your OnePlus 5T. If your device is not rooted you should do this. In case you want to root your smartphone just follow the guide which we posted already. Follow THIS. Many of the users didn’t like the on-screen navigation buttons on OnePlus 5T. Because it takes much more space on the screen is 18:9 ratio. After disabling the on-screen buttons you can use gestures like iPhone X for switching.



⇓⇓ Downloads Section ⇓⇓

Magisk Latest Download from HERE

Build.Prop Editor

Swipe Navigation

Guide To Disable Navigation Bar On OnePlus 5T:

  • Open the build .prop editor which we gave in the download link. Grant the root access to the app. Find the lines in the build.prop editor below.


and change it to the below line


  • Now open the Magisk app and install system fewer Xposed from Magisk. Also, you need to install the Xposed APK.
  • Reboot your phone now. Search for Gravity Box Nougat in the Xposed application. Enable it.
  • Open the Gravity Box go to Navigation bar tweaks. Turn on the master switch and disable the “enable navigation bar” option.
  • Reboot your smartphone. After rebooting go settings–>>Buttons there you will a new option. This option will be of Enable Navigation Bar which was not there before. Turn off this option if it’s turned on already. Reboot your smartphone again. It will look like below screenshot.

Disable Navigation Bar On OnePlus 5T 512x1024

After that download, the Swipe app link is in the downloads section. Now set your different gestures as per your choice.If you like the post don’t forget to share it!!

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