Download Christmas Substratum Theme For Android This Festive Season

Christmas is just now a few days away. Everyone has their own way of celebrating the Christmas. Christmas Trees, Gifts makes the Christmas more special festival. So we are here to celebrate the Christmas by giving the Christmas Substratum Theme For Android this festive season. You may hear of Substratum Theme Engine. It can customize almost everything in the Android smartphone. From status bars to menus everything. Those of you don’t know about the Substratum just read below. Follow the post to, Download Christmas Substratum Theme For Android This Festive Season.

About Substratum Theme Engine:

The Substratum is an open source theme engine available for Android devices. This app requires root access so that it can change all look of your smartphone. But currently, for Android Oreo, it is possible to run Substratum using Android Meda plugin. let’s head towards the theme.

Christmas Substratum Theme For Android:

The Christmas substratum theme is fully customized to match up with the Christmas Theme. The icons are made like the Christmas festival accordingly. There are several more modifications to this theme. You can give it a try.

Substratum themes work on the Android Pie, Pixel devices, Samsung devices. There is no need for root access for these devices. But for other devices, you might need a plugin. This theme is made by PIERX developer. All credits go to him.


Download Christmas Substratum Theme For Android:

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