Top Substratum Themes for Android Free and Paid (2020)

If you are an Android user, then you may customize your phone by theming, modding Android phones with launcher and themes. But if the device doesn’t support them in the stock launcher, then you need the substratum theme engine to install themes. Stock-based Android phones like Google Pixel, OnePlus has no online themes or icon, theme installation features, but you can install it from the play store. But Substratum Themes will install themes, icons, fonts, colors, widget, the status bar will install in one click with substratum theme engine. In this post, we have listed Top Substratum Themes for Android user Free and Paid Themes.

When Android was initially launched, there weren’t many options for installing launchers and changing wallpapers, as well as customization. Over time, Android has evolved. The Android ecosystem has grown in size and the incredible Android community. Some OEMs offer an option to change themes on an Android device, but most devices do not. That’s where the substratum comes into play. This is a standalone application that you can download from the Google Play Store to theming your device.

What is a Substratum theme engine?

This theme engine was developed by the project development team and currently has the largest community. The substrate is backed by third-party developers, who combine their expertise and creativity to create a new package of impressive themes.

The substrate is compatible with Android 7 to higher Android 10 and you can download it for free from the Play Store. But the app requires root access to work properly. However, if you are running Android Oreo or higher, the root is not required to applying themes.

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  • The theme engine support Android 7 Nougat to Android 10 Pie, but Android 7 Nougat required root access.
  • You can find unlock bootloader and root guide from here ⇒ Unlock Bootloader | Rooting
  • To install the Substratum theme you have to install the Substratum theme engine and for Android 8 + device also required andromeda rootless addon.

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Price: $1.99

Top Substratum Themes Free and Paid

Swift Dark, Black & White (paid)

Swift Dark Black theme 1

Swift Dark is a Substratum theme with 200+ handcrafted overlays, using a selected shade of dark gray for the backgrounds and preserving the apps original accent and primary colors wherever possible. It supports the following systems – Nougat, Oreo, Pie and Android 10.

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Twilight Night (paid)

Twilight Night Lite theme

Twilight Night is one of the best theme for Substratum Theme Engine with dark colors. It has a lot of layers which will make your Android a real work of art and bring your apps to a single color style.
Everything that you’ll see in this theme is the result of hard work in finding the perfect combination of colors with a dark shade and adapting it to different apps.

Mono /Art & Belo by llevo3 design

Substratum Themes Mono Art Belo

Mono / Art and Bello are two really cool themes. Belo expands the boundaries with innovative solutions, Mono / Art, while focusing on a clean white interface. Both are based on the same concept and design language, but the latter also provide some alphabetical design variations. Furthermore, these variations can be adorned with amazing accent color options.

lsO5lZIHix6X3hS9NYRObzA waOsmmc8MSKZeNV1CowToF0Mu2ta2upRngtcqIgXwPE=s180
Developer: llevo3 ★ design
Price: $1.99

Cool Clocks (FREE)

coolclocks Substratum Theme

Cool clocks is a substratum theme that helps you to change the appearance of your clock widget.
The widget will even change its color according to your accent. This app will only work on devices with root access + substratum or substratum + andromeda installed. The theme supports Oreo(8.x) and Nougat(7.x) devices. The theme won’t work on Samsung devices.

VaVMkGJWez v foW6oxRusKNQ8S4Jky8wk240v9W6C9IJKVf ouH3eUQC7U1Ci2cVGQ=s180
Developer: ProtheanX
Price: Free

Nineteen Gaia & Edge by llevo3 ★ design

Substratum Themes Nineteen Edge

Nineteen and edge can find our most beautiful substrate transparency theme. Everything is done perfectly, you just need a good wallpaper to complete the interface. The main difference between the two is related to the color options. In fact, the nineteen also provide a more colorful and alternative transparent background. Instead, Edge is fully focused on transparency and provides fine details to match the interface. One more thing: Nineteen comes with a set of optional system icons called Gaia, which can also be downloaded separately for use with other themes.

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UpNkgD4t5ALm54C 4mlamLxgJ nZLy2EjPlgOcNGyqg4VAPzQ6EBe9WCsMIeWlASgg=s180
Developer: llevo3 ★ design
Price: $0.99

Pixel Theme (FREE)

Substratum Pixel Theme

Pixel Theme is a brand new and unique application that will give your phone the stock pixel experience. some Features Navigation Bar, SystemUI, Framework, AOSP Package Installer & more, themed. A lot of colors to choose for your taste. App launcher: stable and with a great design supported Android: 8.0 & 8.1 (Oreo), 9.0 (Pie), 10.0 (Q).

n eOGP4gKvDL3YM5JaPhPkhMgvyd FZOAhHTsl7tXas3YWW1OEFQr2eeRDxfPbdbKXI=s180

Flux & Flux White

Flux Substratum Theme

Flux theme for Substratum theme engine is designed with pixel perfect graphics and material ui, to give your phone a new vibrant and dark and vibrant light look. Supported Android version Android Nougat/Oreo/Pie/10 stock and custom roms – OxygenOS Pie/10, Samsung Oreo/Pie/10, Synergy OneUI, Substratum, Substratum Lite.

DyQBCt0CGgjBopdc8OTfAnrV5xr7XKcoB5vEhZFPoe9Q05Jx2sKum1JkiL4l0HCMF5 v=s180
Developer: giannisgx89
Price: $1.49

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Fresh UI Light & Dark3

Substratum Theme Fresh UI

Freshui is a Light theme with fully refreshed ui. It can be installed and applied on any rom with substratum theme engine support.

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Pitch Black (paid)

Pitch Black Substratum Theme

PitchBlack is a known full featured dark and black battery friendly android theme. Providing many apps and ROM support, perfecting the balance between materialism, minimalism and various color combinations.

Navigate Theme (FREE)

Navigate Theme Substratum Theme

Navigate Theme is an alternative bar for Android. If you are looking for a custom navigation bar on your Android device, then this theme is the best option.


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More Substratum themes

Outline, Ethereal & Outline X by Niklas Schnettler

Focus & Compound by Daniel Schott

Coalfield & Reverie by Kohlewrrk

7Xk4Patv I Z1vFLd DAk5dstcgcV61OnbfVNVv h uWKxxl0Uwky7 7KDbu84JHZg=s180
Developer: Kohlewrrk
Price: $1.49

KJyKye 74akCdm81En0cuc6e4LnImJAKqms7BMz R6C7ALQPXTMex4P3gkZtgHlZfxI=s180
Developer: Kohlewrrk
Price: $1.49

Substratum Curve

Substratum Nova UI Theme

AAYNmUcngoeJ3vtmGrXkYdb bjBtfElSkHA9rp1FQZU0sh9JBV8wJkrp7N29ZHr IFE=s180
Developer: CyTech
Price: Free

Death Red for Substratum Theme

cBgIJp26BQ4 bOJPt 8G23j5Df55iSI6sj6vEVuVq2muF72VvxYWJxtu6ZMmLYAxrI=s180
Developer: Preethamkmr3
Price: Free

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