Download Latest Material Themed Google Play Store Design APK

Google started rolling out the new designs to its apps and Play store. Google is introducing material design to its apps. New design has Google Sans Font, ample spaced white backgrounds and the use of vibrant colors. Almost all Google apps are designed this way. So if you didn’t get the update yet you can Download Latest Material Themed Google Play Store Design APK. Let’s get some information about this new design.

Play Store Material Design:

The material theme design was seen a month ago in some devices and some leaks. Later it was available to more devices. Google is slowly releasing the design to all the devices. The updated version is 16.5.15 for Play store. It brings many visual changes as you can see in screenshots posted below.

Below the search bar, it includes categories like For you, top charts, premium, and other sections, etc. The music we have seen earlier is now removed, it may be replaced with YouTube music. The new rounded corners and vibrant colors over the icons look great. The icons look elegant and simple.

The more buttons are replaced by arrows. Install, uninstall buttons were placed at the side of the screen. From this update, the buttons will take the whole screen. There are also suggested apps which may be based on your recent search on play store or YouTube, we’ll know soon. So if you want to try the Material_Themed Google Play Store the download link is below in downloads section.

Download Material Themed Google Play Store

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