How To Remove Peel Remote App From Samsung And HTC Smartphones

Samsung and HTC and many other smartphones are launching with IR blaster now. It is very useful when you want to control your full TV functionality just by using your mobile. Many Samsung and HTC and other smartphone come up with Peel Remote App. No doubt this app is very useful for controlling your Television. But after the latest updates, it is loaded with peel remote ads and more overlays. So many users want to peel smart remote uninstall it as it the app comes pre-installed we will need to disable it. Peel remote remove can’t be done unless your phone is rooted. So fro unrooted device we will disable it. If you want to know about the peel remove see below what is peel remote section below. Follow the post for Peel smart remote uninstalls or how to remove peel remote remove.

what is peel remote:

So what is peel remote app exactly? It is a remote control app which controls the television by using the inbuilt IR Blaster sensor of Smartphones. Peel Remote App is available for iOS as well as Android. It comes preloaded with many of Samsung and HTC smartphones. Unlike other apps just switches the channels, Peel Remote can tell you what’s going on the channels so you can watch as per your choice directly.

But as I said above it was updated and there tons of peel remote ads and lockscreen overlays. Lots of users were annoyed by it. So they want to peel smart remote uninstall. It was preloaded so uninstalling was not possible unless the phone is rooted. Peel remote ads were too much annoying. So We need to disable and close auto updates for that from Play Store so it will not annoy you anytime. Follow how to remove peel remote.

How To Remove Peel Remote App/Disable:

Go to Devices Settings—>Applications manager/Apps—->Peel Remote App and select it.

There is the option of uninstalling peel smart remote uninstall simply uninstall it. If not click on Disable option. If you want to enable it again, do it just by clicking Enable.

Peel Remote App 3 1024x877
Remote App

After you disable the app, it will restore to its Factory version that is base version. And it will update again and again. So to avoid this follow below steps.

  1. Go To Play Store.
  2. Select the Peel Remote App.
  3. Tap on 3 DOT menu in the top right.
  4. Now disable the AUTOMATIC UPDATES for this app.

By this way peel remote remove can be done. If you like the post don’t forget to share it!! Like our Facebook and Instagram pages for more quicker updates!!

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