How To Download YouTube Videos Using Terminal Emulator

We have posted many articles of how to download YouTube videos. Most of them require third party apps or sites which you have to download the APK’s of it. But this method is unique, it may be a bit annoying for newbies but for those who wants to try out some new cool things this one is for them. Its easy and terminal emulator is Android built in, so you have to just download the Termux from PlayStore and follow the given instructions in this post. So follow the post to know, How To Download YouTube Videos Using Terminal Emulator.

Terminal Emulator:

Its an Android built in so you don’t need to download the other third party apps. Just use the Termux emulator available on Play Store. Just some commands and done your video will be downloaded. Some may find it a bit messy as third party apps gives some more features and everyone is familiar with it. But its fun and really a cool thing to try. Thanks to XDA forum member ROOTBOY for this awesome trick. All credits goes to him.


  • Upto 1200 sites supported
  • No need of root access
  • No need of any third party app
  • No ads

So let’s head to instructions to How To Download YouTube Videos Using Terminal Emulator.

Download Termux Emulator:

m3oqSZCwmitiZ Im CQu rqT5eLHilOp5IudBynv3COJUumFzuQaP2dgTDxRL 03f4x2=s180
Developer: Fredrik Fornwall
Price: Free

How To Download YouTube Videos Using Terminal Emulator:

1.) Firstly download the Termux emulator from above play store link.

2.) Then allow the storage permission to the emulator. If you didn’t get the pop up of storage permission then allow the permission. You can allow it from here. SETTINGS>>APPS>>TERMUX>>PERMISSIONS>>ENABLE STORAGE ACCESS

3.) Open the TERMUX app and type ”clear” and hit enter to clear the screen.

4.) Then you have to type the commands below one by one,

1.) apt-get update

2.) termux-setup-storage

3.) pkg install python

4.) pip install youtube-dl

5.) apt-get upgrade

5.) mkdir /data/data/com.termux/files/home/storage/shared/Youtube    (this command will make folder YOUTUBE to store the videos in this folder)

6.) mkdir -p ~/.config/youtube-dl

7.) apt-get install nano

8.) nano ~/.config/youtube-dl/config

Another page/window will open type below command.

8.) –no-mtime

9.) -o /data/data/com.termux/files/home/storage/shared/Youtube/%(title)s.%(ext)s

10.) -f “best[height<=480]”

(replace the height 480 with 360, 720, 1080 according to which resolution video you want to download)

11.) Now press VOL DOWN + O and press enter. Now exit nano with VOL DOWN + X. Type the below command to continue.

12.) mkdir ~/bin

13.) cd ~/bin

14.) nano termux-url-opener

again new window/page will open

11.) youtube-dl $1

press VOL DOWN+X to exit. If it asks to save type Y to save.

Just copy and paste full below full code to TERMUX emulator,

wget -O


chmod u+x


It will get install for some time. After install, Now just open any YouTube video in YouTube app and press share button and select TERMUX app. That’s it your video will be downloaded. Select the quality you want to download the video in!!


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