Guide To Enable H.265/HEVC Recording On OnePlus 5 Camera

Guide To Enable H.265/HEVC Recording On OnePlus 5 Camera

Guide To Enable H.265/HEVC Recording On OnePlus 5 CameraGuide To Enable H.265/HEVC Recording On OnePlus 5 Camera. Follow the simple procedure to enable HEVC/H.265 recording on your OnePlus 5 Camera. Any one tech geek knows the importance of H.265/HEVC recording. This standard is being emerged now but not fully. OnePlus has many benefits of the camera, but it also lacks the H.265/HEVC recording. Before heading towards the post Let’s know what is HEVC and its benefits.

What is H.265/HEVC Recording:

HEVC stands for High-Efficiency Video Coding. It also is known as H.265. HEVC is aimed at providing twice the compression efficiency. As its previous standard i.e. (H.265/AVC). In simple language, HEVC will provide twice the compression and will sacrifice few frames or intra-frame pixels. Which they are rarely visible to human eyes. It is useful for low-resolution devices.

This mod is enabled on OnePlus camera by an XDA Forum member PANKAJSAMMAL. Credits go to him Because of this, and there is twice the compression of videos recording. Without compromising the quality. Also, it takes less storage space.

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NOTE: First make a backup of file that we are going to replace

Guide To Enable H.265/HEVC Recording:

  • Go the file manager and navigate to the internal storage.
  • After that go to /system/etc. folder.
  • Now replace media_profiles.xml with the one provided above.
  • It’s time to reboot your device.

Done, Now your OnePlus 5 will shoot in HEVC format consuming lesser space. That too without compromising the quality. If you liked the post don’t forget to share it!! Also, if you have any problems, you can reach us at our official Facebook page GIZDEV.

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