Guide To Enable Hidden Internal Menu On Facebook Messenger Apps

Guide To Enable Hidden Internal Menu On Facebook Messenger AppsGuide To Enable Hidden Internal Menu On Facebook Messenger Apps

You want to access Facebook Messenger setting but you don’t know how you want to access. Today we share a guide to enable hidden internal menu on facebook messenger apps. This menu is used by the developers at Facebook for debugging purposes. There is no easy way to enable hidden setting feature but if your device has root access then it is possible. Those people have previously used many features few month back. Facebook did not want this type of features so they removed this features.

If you want to access this hidden setting then you should have a computer and installed ADB driver. All process is done through ADB or terminal app on your device. If you don’t have a computer then you do this process on your device with Termux app. We share computer ADB process but all process same as a computer in the phone via Termux app. So let’s go to the guide.


  • Need to install Messenger in your device.
  • Need root access to your device.
  • If you use ABD method then need to install ADB driver on your computer and enable USB debugging your smartphone.
  • If you don’t have a computer then try Termux app download from below.


Guide to Enable Hidden Internal Menu:-

  • Goto ABD folder and open CMD in there by pressing Shift + mouse right click.
  • Now connect your device to PC and paste below command in CMD.
adb devices
  • If you see your device’s serial number it means your device connected, then copy and paste the command given below to access the ADB shell.
adb shell
  • Now enter the command given below to gain root access in CMD or Termux.

  • Grant root access to your phone.
  • After entering below command to launch the hidden menu in Messenger.
am start -n "com.facebook.orca/com.facebook.messaging.internalprefs.MessengerInternalPreferenceActivity"

If you want to enable Hidden Internal Menu On Facebook app then follow above 1 to 5 steps and then enter this command to launch the hidden menu on Facebook.

am start -n "com.facebook.katana/com.facebook.katana.internsettingsactivity.InternSettingsActivity"

If you want to enable it permanently on Messenger:-

Once you have done the above, you should see the internal option active on your messenger. but if you again try to access this then you should repeat all steps again so better to enable it permanently. it works for only Messenger.

  • After above process, you will see the internal setting on in your messenger.
  • Now scroll down to find Gatekeeper Override option and click on it.
  • Click ” Search gatekeepers ” option and type internal then press ok.

  • Then open messenger_internal_prefs_android and change it, NO to YES.

  • Now you can access any time hidden menu feature in your device.
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Source XDA
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