How To Fix Google Play Services Errors (2018 Update)

How To Fix Google Play Services ErrorsFix Google Play Services Errors

The biggest problem of many Android users is facing Google Play Services errors. The “Unfortunately, Google Play Services has stopped” error message popping on a screen. Here we share few solutions to fix google play service error. Some reasons to show up the error is if you have installed very old outdated Google play services, Your internet connection is not proper or if you suddenly installed a wrong application that effect on play service. Don’t worry here I share everything about google play service error. You can easily fix Google Play Services errors.

Unfortunately Google Play Services has stopped

Here we share everything about fix Google Play Services errors. So without error problems, Android users are facing many problems. So in this post we also provide Google Play Services Apk, if you have wanted to update google play service then it must be needed. We share google play services latest version link here.

Guide to fix Google Play Services:

We found several methods to fix all the Google Play Services Errors, and let’s see what method fits for your android device and tablet.

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Step1: Reboot:

After installing the update or any application it didn’t verify the device, so this error has seen. Sometimes a simple restart of Android phone/tablet can solve the problem.

Step2: Update Google Play Services latest version:

If you are using old version Google Play Services then update Google Play Services latest version. To download Google Play Services APK (All version), below we share the download link. You may receive an error message because of old version or your Play services has not performed with the current Android version.

Download Google Play Services latest version

Step3: Clear Google Services Framework cache:

Google Services Framework store information to sync Google servers to your device. This is a system app and it works to keep Google Play services running. If Google Services Framework didn’t work properly then the error comes. So clear the Google Services Framework cache by following steps:

  • Open setting > Apps.
  • Then find and open “Google Services Framework” app.
  • Now click on the “Force stop” button.
  • Once done, click on the “Clear cache” button.

Step4: Clear Cache and restart google play services:

Clear the Google Play Services cache. Google Play Services app sees regular updates, and the number of permissions it requires is impressive. Also, this application is linked to the Android system to access everything. Sometimes it stuck and stop working so clear the Google Play Services cache it maybe fix the issue. Let’s go to the following steps:

  • Open setting > Apps.
  • Then find and open “Google Play Services” app.
  • Now click on the “Force stop” button.
  • Once done, click on the “Clear cache” button.

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Step5: Suitable internet connection:

Check your internet connection, maybe it is blocking to open Google Play Services apk. Or if you are using WiFi connection then check the IP address, sometimes Google doesn’t allow some IP to browse. You can try to switch the network service or use a VPN service.

Step6: Bugs:

If you are using a Custom ROM, like lineage OS, Resurrection remix, or others. Always install a stable custom ROM because many of times google play services do not work with buggy custom ROMs. You can also check our Custom ROM selection for many android devices.

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Which method is working for you? Please let us know in the comment section below. also if you want more android stuff, then follow our social pages Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.
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