How To Get Google Stadia For Android Devices [Xposed Module]

The Google earlier this year launched the Google Stadia. All-new gaming platform which does not need powerful hardware at all. You can play any game on mobile as well as on your potato pc with a strong internet connection. So here is how How To Get Google Stadia On Any Android Device [Xposed Module]. Google Stadia now is limited to Pixel devices only which has workaround of using the APK. But it also needs a WiFi connection. These are the restrictions Google has done to improve the optimal experience. So let’s get to know about how to get Google Stadia For Android devices and why the Xposed module is needed.

Google Stadia Android:

The Google_Stadia is kind of Cloud gaming which is really useful when you don’t have any high-end PC to play modern games. Google showcased Stadia this year and promised lag-free experience of the same. But recently it didn’t perform quite well and its getting readjusted. Lots of people reported stutters and lags. Of course, it will need a very much stable internet connection to run these games over the cloud to your PC or Android device. We used Vortex Cloud gaming for playing the Just Cause on Android device. It was working quite well you can check this our YouTube Gameplay of the same.

Why the Xposed Module Needed?

So to get the proper optimal experience Google put some restrictions on the Stadia app. Restrictions like playable only on Pixel devices and without WiFi connections you can’t play the games. Obviously, these restrictions make sense because of high-speed internet connection requirement of Stadia. Google plans to remove these restrictions but if you are the one who doesn’t want to wait then just roll in now.

This is the Xposed Module Xtadia developed by XDA Forum Member AMINEL ZUMI. All credits go to him. So what this Xposed module does to make Google Stadia For Android playable on any device with no requirements.


  • Works on Android 6.0+ Devices
  • No restrictions on an internet connection
  • Playable on any Android device
  • Playable using Mobile Data too

NOTE: This may work or not its early versions. If you don’t have enough internet speeds game may won’t work well.

What You’ll Need:

  • A rooted Android Device
  • EDXposed must be installed on a newer Android device
  • Xposed for Android 8.0 Oreo and Below devices
  • Get EDXposed installed on your device from HERE.

Download Xtadia Module:


  1. Install the EDXposed on your Android device.
  2. Download the Xtadia module from above links.
  3. Enable the Module through EDXposed.
  4. Use the app.

So, try it if you want and comment below in the comment box if this works or not!! If you like the post, don’t forget to share it also, like our official Facebook page for more updates. Join our telegram channel for more instant updates directly to your phone!!

Source XDA Forum
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