Download Google Camera For EMUI 8.0 Huawei/Honor Devices (Working Nightsight)

Google Camera MODs are creating too much hype these days. After the launch of Pixel 2, Google introduced a new way to mobile photography. The color corrections, dynamic range was just too good with a single camera on Pixel devices. This year 2018 Google’s Pixel 3 came up with a NightSight mode. This thing can capture images even in the Pitch Dark conditions. So obviously it is gonna port to other devices by our beloved XDA developers. But Huawei/Honor devices are an exception to these MODs. Due to totally diffrent Kirin Processors and Huawei being an A-Hole to be open source. But now Google Camera For EMUI 8.0 Huawei/Honor Devices (Working Nightsight) and other mods are available now. Follow the post to get detailed information and download links to the  Google Camera For EMUI 8.0 Devices.

Google Camera For EMUI 8.0 Huawei/Honor Devices:

If you love Google camera interface and want to use on your Huawei/Honor Devices then you are the right place. Here we share GCam for Honor/Huawei for all type of device (root and non-root). To use Google camera need to enable camera2API which is not required to use this Google Pixel 3 camera. You can install it like a simple APK. It provides better image quality and HDR+ with Portrait mode. Just follow the guide and install Google Camera for EMUI 8.0 Huawei/Honor Devices (Working Nightsight).

What’s Working :

We tested this APK on Huawei Mate 9 Pro and almost all the features were working. Specially NightSight works really well. Thanks to the ARNOVAG2 Mods, BSG camera Mods for all the effort they put in these ports. This is also working fully on Honor Play. Download Google camera For Huawei/honor Devices.

ALSO WORKING ON EMUI 9.0 but Some Devices Only


  • HDR+
  • Portrait Mode Shots
  • Video Camera
  • Photo Sphere
  • NightSight
  • Almost All features

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Some pictures taken has a yellowish tint. I attached 2 APK versions try both whichever works best on your device. As you know the stock EMUI camera performs better on the Huawei/honor devices but this Gcam is worth trying!!


More Pictures HERE.

Downloads Section:

Download Port 2 if port 1 does not work properly!!

Guide To Install:

It’s just an APK file so open and install.

If you download Gcam from the first link in the downloads section, Follow these steps to get better image quality.

  1. Install the App and give all the permissions.
  2. Go to Settings–>BSGMOD–>Input Model–>Pixel XL for rear and front.
  3. Now you need to restart the app.
  4. Now go to Settings–>BSGMOD–>Saturation–>Back Camera–> and Highlight Sat to 2.0 and Shadow Sat to 2.6
  5. Again restart the APP its required.
  6. Head to Settings–>Advanced–>turn ON all the switches except HEVC/H.265 option.
  7. Restart the APP.
  8. Now use your Gcam for Portrait shots, Panorama, HDR+, Photosphere etc.

If you are having the problem like yellowish tint then download the second APK from the download section.

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