Download Google Camera For Nokia 6/6.1 To Get HDR+, Portrait

Today we share Nokia 6/6.1 Google Camera in this post. This is the best camera app for Nokia 6 and Nokia 6.1. Nokia 6/6.1 comes with the 16-megapixel rear camera and 8-megapixel front camera. We all want our phone camera image quality to be great. Well, so Google camera Improve the Quality of Image of Nokia 6/6.1. The Google camera is of the best camera app nowadays that featured the best HDR+, Front and back camera Portrait mode on Nokia 6/6.1. Gcam is very much popular camera app for Android smartphone. The Google Camera will capture portrait mode with both rear and front cam. Today we share a guide to install Google Camera For Nokia 6/6.1.

If you love Google camera interface and want to use on your Nokia 6/6.1 then you are the right place. Here we share GCam for Nokia 6/6.1 for all type of device (root and non-root). You can install it like a simple APK. Google camera picture quality is better than the stock camera. It provides better image quality and HDR+ with Portrait mode. Just follow the guide and install Google Camera for Nokia 6/6.1.

Google Camera For Nokia 6/6.1

Previous year Google launched new Gcamera with pixel device. After launching Gcam it becomes the most popular camera app in the web. Gcam gives you to a better quality photo also it gives you to enable Portrait mode. Thanks to Developer for making the app Gcam for Nokia 6/6.1. So if you have Nokia 6 and Nokia 6.1 and you love photography or you want to Improve Image quality of Nokia 6/6.1 then you must try the Nokia 6/6.1 Google Camera.


  • HDR+
  • Portrait mode (Selfie & Back)
  • Photo Sphere
  • Lens Blur
  • Slow motion
  • Much more.

Download Google Camera For Nokia 6/6.1:


Install Gcam For Nokia 6/6.1:

  • Download The GCamera.apk file.
  • Then Copy the downloaded file to your mobile or tablets in internal or external storage.
  • Now enable Unknown Sources options from Settings > Security or Settings > Additional settings > Privacy.
  • Install GCamera.apk and Open the camera app on your device and Give all the permission and follow the image settings to get a better picture.
  • Now enjoy.
Now you can enjoy Google Camera For Nokia 6/6.1. Share the most beautiful pictures taken by you in the comment section below.
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