Download Latest Google Camera For Redmi K20 Pro (Updated)

Redmi K20 Pro is the newest model launched for Redmi K Series flagship. Here is the another ported version of Google Camera for Redmi K20 Pro. There is always something different about Gcam, sometimes the pictures are heat and miss. So here is the Google Camera For Redmi K20 Pro. It will surely increase the quality of the images captured. Also, it captures very good quality pictures better than the stock cam app. Google is of the best camera that featured the best Portrait mode but the portrait mode doesn’t seem to be working in this version of GCam. Gcam mod is very much popular nowadays. Some of the features are working only in this version so you can try yourself. Today we share a guide to install Ported Google Camera for Redmi K20 Pro.

Ported Google Camera For Redmi K20 Pro:

If you love Google camera interface and want to install on your Redmi_K20 Pro device then you are the right place. It required does not need to root the smartphone. Just follow the guide below and install Google Camera For Redmi K20 Pro.

Google Cam is a camera application developed by Google for Android. Previous year Google launched new Gcamera with pixel device, that comes with lots of new features with a portrait. It gives you to take better low light camera quality. So if you have a Redmi_K20 Pro device and you love photography then you must try this modded app on your device. The Redmi_K20 Pro supports camera2api already so no need to root and enable the camera2api.

Redmi K20 Pro is having already good camera as per reviews. In this MOD the portrait mode and Night sight feature is working. Check them out download the Google camera APK from below link.

Let’s check out some bugs and working features of this app.


  • Rear HDR+ Capture
  • Front Capture (no HDR+)
  • Others feature works well.
  • Night Sight (Heat or Miss)


Added new method to add custom libs, made by Zoran.
Disabled zoom in portrait mode
Added aux support for Mi9
Added long press to use 2nd lens (Mi9) and to join settings
Fixed issues for HDR+ Enhanced in portrait mode
Added Lens Blur (thanks BSG)
Added Exposure Compensation

Changelogs 10/07/2019 Update:

  • Fixed crash in Night Sight mode when using Ultrawide lens.
  • Added Exposure compensation option.
  • Re-added HDR+ off.

Changelogs Sanity 20/07/2019:

Fix AF issues.
Add support for Indian K20/Pro and Global Mi 9 (Crashes from old version should be resolved now).
Fix telephoto lens zoom issue (Indian K20/Pro might have working telephoto with hdr+ I am not 100% sure).
Add always on Night Sight shortcut toggle in settings.


  • Telephoto lens doesn’t work properly with HDR+ ON currently. If you want to take photo with Telephoto just disable HDR+ (ultrawide works fine).
  • Slow motion doesn’t work

Download Redmi K20 Pro Google Camera:

You can use any of the latest build whichever works for you best!!

Install APK:-

  • Download The GCamera.apk file.
  • Then Copy the downloaded file to your mobile or tablets in internal or external storage.
  • Now enable Unknown Sources options from Settings > Security or Settings > Additional settings > Privacy.
  • Install GCamera.apk.
  • Once installation complete, Open the Gcamera app on your device.
  • Click on the options icon, you will see many options select one. also, you can change the camera setting from the setting option.

Now you have Google Cam For Redmi K20 Pro. If you have any problems comment below or message us on our official Facebook page!!

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