Guide To Install Viper4Android On Lollipop Devices Android 5.0/5.1

You are a lollipop user but you are not getting the perfect sound. You have bought high price earphone, you have already DTS or Dolby atom but still, you not getting the perfect sound. Here for you Awesome Sound Experience With Many Sound Effects Equalizer, Convolver, Surround, And Many Option, For The Perfect Sound Viper4Android On Lollipop. Here The Guide how to install Viper4Android On Lollipop Both Android 5.0 & 5.1

Viper 4 Android Features 

  • Playback Gain Control
  • Viper-Ddc
  • Spectrum Extension
  • FireEqualizer
  • Convolver
  • Differential Surround
  • Headphone Surround+
  • Reverberation
  • Dynamic System
  • Tube Sound
  • Fidelity Control
  • Auditory System Protection


  • You Need A Rooted Device Find Rooting Method For Your Device Here 
  • Busy box Must Installed
  • For Some Device Need Cwm Or Twrp Custom Recovery For Method 2
  • Download The Files And Follow Instruction

Download Required Files 

Google Drive Folder 


Instruction How To Install Viper4Android On Lollipop

Method 1 For Google Android One And Nexus Devices 

  • Install Busy Box From-> Playstore
  • Open Busy Box And Install In Both /system/xbin//system/bin/


  • Download The ViPER4-Android_FX_A4.x.apk From The Google Driver Folder
  • Download SELinuxModeChanger-v3.2-release.apk From The Google Driver Folder
  • Install App And Enable In Start App In Allow In Protected List You Using Any Ram Cleaner
  • Open SELinuxModeChanger Change The SELinux  Mode To Permissive


  • Open ViPER4-Android Install The Driver And Reboot
  • Enjoy ViPER4-Android On Android One Nexus Devices 😀
  • Use My Viper 4 Android Profile

Method 2 For Any Lollipop 5.0 And 5.1

  • Install Busy Box
  • Download The Both Zip Files,,
  • Copy To Sd Or Phone Storage
  • Flash 3 Zip File Via Cwm Or Twrp
  • Flash First Don’t Reboot Flash Don’t Reboot 
  • Clear Dalvik Cache And Cache
  • Reboot
  • Open Viper4-Android Install Driver Prompt Yes Ask For Driver Install


  • And Reboot
  • Now Enjoy Boom Boom Sound 😉

Download Effects And Config Viper4Android For Best Sound

  1. If You Not Time To Config Viper 4 Android On Lollipop Download My Config For The Super Sound
  2. Viper 4 Android Profile Here- Viper4Android-Profile_(Gizdev.Com).zip
  3. Extract Viper4-Android-Kernel_(Gizdev.Com).Zip Copy The Kernel Folder To Phone Storage Viper4android Folder
  4. Extract Viper4-Android-Profile_(Gizdev.Com).Zip Copy The Vp Folder To Phone Storage Viper4android/Profile Folder
  5. Open Viper4-android App
  6. Change The UI Setting To Expert-: Click On 3 Dot Menu Open UI Setting Choice Expert 
  7. Now Import Profile -: Click On 3 Dot Menu Click Import Profile Select Vp


Reboot And Enjoy 😉

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  1. Romel says

    Thanks a lot Raja for sharing this Guide to Install Viper4Android! Works perfectly in my XZ running PureXZ ROM v1.0 based on L5.1.1 Z5 ported apps by Rajeev. Your Vp effect profile is great that it gave very distinctive difference and best quality sound I ever heard. Thanks a lot too to the developers of Viper4Android, simply the best soundmod around!

    1. rajajana says

      You Are Welcome Bro 😀

  2. Eugene says

    Installed on my Galaxy Note 4 running Android 5.1.1. For some reason Viper is not processing when no bluetooth is used on Power Amp player and TuneIn Pro.

    1. rajajana says

      Change The Fx Compatible Mode And Check

  3. moongi says

    It does not work. I do exactly what has been told in method2. Although my xperia ultra lollipop is rooted in kitkat and upgraded to lollipop by using flashable rooted file, I assume that doesn’t border with viper4android

    1. rajajana says

      try to freeze the stock audio app

      1. Veisenberger Lajos says

        Thanks, it worked! 🙂

  4. devraj says

    can i install on sm n910g snapdragon 4.4.4 official rom (rooted) note 4
    plz help me

  5. Dan says

    Thanks for the guide. Here my profile+kernel of Viper. Engoy.

  6. Spike Naples says

    Hi. Just to give the reader a more or less complete picture; I’m trying to install this on am ASUS Zenfone 5 and I just got back from reinstalling the most current stock ROM, rooted it, installed BusyBox, Titanium and TWRP.

    I am also following method 2 but I am getting an error 7 message. I have been reading that it could possibly be that the zip is not compatible for the ROM and some editing of the zip file could be possible but I am afraid that I cold screw up everything again and start from scratch.

    Any possible solution for this?

    1. rajajana says

      i think Intel Atom will not support viper try dolby atom

  7. Stahlkern says

    Worked with Method 2 Thanks. But where is the Path of Viper4Android if installed as Systemapp? I have a Folder called viper4android in internal storage, but app doesnt recognize the profiles. Under /system/priv-apps/viper4android is only a the apk file. If i try, V4A doesnt let me import profiles.

  8. Pete_Ang says

    Hi. I’m using D6603_23.4.A.1.264_R7C_SLiM_4.5 recovery found from xda forums. After installation via TWRP was done and few mistakes made I managed to get Viper4Android work finally. But for some reason I do not have access into phone audio settings at all. This this normal? Settings -> Sound saying “Sound settings closed” and nothing happens for some reason. Is this a feature or failure.

  9. Veisenberger Lajos says

    Hi! I installed V4A with Method 2, on SONY Xperia Z3. Have custom rom (SLiM 4.7) but i dont feel nothing more, and if i change some settings too don’t effect. What is the problem? I do all what have to do in Method 2.

    1. rajajana says

      freeze the sony stock audio app then check

    2. coolbeans2015 says

      After any supposed “successful” install of V4A, go under settings, the drop down menu and check “driver status” see if its working for your device or not!

  10. Jens Leonhardt says

    Thank you for the Instruction. It works fine on cm 12.1. on Motorola Razr HD.
    I`m very happy.

  11. Fadli Ikram says

    hi thanks for sharing
    i can proces with viper+n910H
    but not all app can proces viper..
    can you fix that??

    1. rajajana says
    2. coolbeans2015 says

      Its in the sudebar menu, “settings”, for just music player or global. Remember after a successful install you still have to go under settings and sound option, choose V4A!

  12. Max Schwartz says

    Try method 2 on s4 i9500 Omega Lollipop, and it keep it saying that I don’t got busybox, of course I got the recommended one. Please, help.

  13. Guillermo Sempron says

    Does not work on KNOX phones (Like Samsung Galaxy J7). You cant change SElinux.

    1. coolbeans2015 says


  14. Rodrigo says

    Thanks man, I wasn’t able to install the drivers with normal methods xD this works as good as fuck, thanks 😀

    1. Raja says

      you are welcome 😀

  15. coolbeans2015 says

    Selenix Mode changer .apk will not work on Samsung, but I have an install that changes selenix to permissive, it works from boot, does not even have in icon. Have Viper4Android working on my Samsung Galaxy J3 (2016) (with KNOX) just fine!

    1. Raja says

      Thanks for the information

    2. Cyberpunk says

      Please share us how did you do that. I’ve note 4 and yet I can’t able to do it properly

      1. coolbeans2015 says

        Are you rooted?

  16. Sukhjit Singh says

    I want to install viper 4 on my ZenFone 5 lollipop without open boot loader

    1. rajajana says

      without root unlock bootloader can’t possible

      1. coolbeans2015 says

        You need to check on “tethered CWM recoveries” then. This allows a one time boot on custom recovery to flash a zip package, then upon boot goes back to stock recocery. Asus is the main device manufacturer that tethered recoveries came about for!

  17. Sukhjit Singh says

    where is the download link

    1. rajajana says

      click on like share tweet under Download Required Files

  18. Sukhjit Singh says

    shall it support zenfone 5 lollipop

  19. Sukhjit Singh says

    when i install by TWRP it gives the error E:error executing updater binery in zip

    1. rajajana says

      Intel Atom dose’t support viper install dolby bro

      1. coolbeans2015 says

        Yes it does. Nothing to do with that!

    2. coolbeans2015 says

      Viper4Android will install whether or not your device has an Intel chip or not. Don’t know why the person said this. I will take it you are on lollipop because this article is about that. No.#1, there has been a little ownership argument on V4A. Someone posted on playstore when it was still in development on XDA’s site. In lollipop you do have to “flash” V4A, so this involves an unlocked bootloader & custom recovery. I suggest you take the time to familiarize yourself on the procedures at xda-developers website!

  20. sanu says

    i am using infocus m350(rooted) with lollipop .i haven’t done custom recovery . i have installed viper4android fx from playstore.Opened SELinuxModeChanger Changed The SELinux Mode To Permissive.Busy box Installed.installed v4a drives without any error.selected super audio quality .reebooted.

    i dont find any sound difference on enabling or disabling v4a. only on enabling for a moment sound reduces slightly after it gets increased to normal .on checking driver status everything is normal and on.on disabling v4a it shows processing off correctly .the default musicfx produce better sound and loud. is it required to install app from here for better sound ?is there difference between both?

    is there anything else to do?

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