Guide To Install Viper4Android On Any Lollipop Devices Android 5.0/5.1


Guide To Install Viper4Android On Any Lollipop Devices Android 5.0/5.1



You are lollipop user but you not getting perfect sound you bought high price earphone, you have already DTS or Dolby atom but still, you not getting the perfect sound, here for you

For Awesome Sound Experience With Many Sound Effects Equalizer, Convolver, Surround And Many Option, For The Perfect Sound

Here The Guide To  Work Viper4Android On Android Lollipop Both Android 5.0 & 5.1

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⇒Pon-3 Audio one-click install for Android Lollipop android M (Same Us Viper4Android ) 

Viper 4 Android Features 

  • Playback Gain Control
  • Viper-Ddc
  • Spectrum Extension
  • FireEqualizer
  • Convolver
  • Differential Surround
  • Headphone Surround+
  • Reverberation
  • Dynamic System
  • Tube Sound
  • Fidelity Control
  • Auditory System Protection


  • You Need A Rooted Device Find Rooting Method For Your Device Here 
  • Busy box Must Installed
  • For Some Device Need Cwm Or Twrp Custom Recovery For Method 2
  • Download The Files And Follow Instruction

Download Required Files 

Google Drive Folder 



Method 1 For Google Android One And Nexus Devices 

  • Install Busy Box From-> Playstore
  • Open Busy Box And Install In Both /system/xbin//system/bin/


  • Download The ViPER4-Android_FX_A4.x.apk From The Google Driver Folder
  • Download SELinuxModeChanger-v3.2-release.apk From The Google Driver Folder
  • Install App And Enable In Start App In Allow In Protected List You Using Any Ram Cleaner
  • Open SELinuxModeChanger Change The SELinux  Mode To Permissive


  • Open ViPER4-Android Install The Driver And Reboot
  • Enjoy ViPER4-Android On Android One Nexus Devices 😀
  • Use My Viper 4 Android Profile

Method 2 For Any Lollipop 5.0 And 5.1

  • Install Busy Box
  • Download The Both Zip Files,,
  • Copy To Sd Or Phone Storage
  • Flash 3 Zip File Via Cwm Or Twrp
  • Flash First Don’t Reboot Flash Don’t Reboot 
  • Clear Dalvik Cache And Cache
  • Reboot
  • Open Viper4-Android Install Driver Prompt Yes Ask For Driver Install


  • And Reboot
  • Now Enjoy Boom Boom Sound 😉

Download Effects And Config Viper4Android For Best Sound

  1. If You Not Time To Config Viper 4 Android On Lollipop Download My Config For The Super Sound
  2. Viper 4 Android Profile Here- Viper4Android-Profile_(Gizdev.Com).zip
  3. Extract Viper4-Android-Kernel_(Gizdev.Com).Zip Copy The Kernel Folder To Phone Storage Viper4android Folder
  4. Extract Viper4-Android-Profile_(Gizdev.Com).Zip Copy The Vp Folder To Phone Storage Viper4android/Profile Folder
  5. Open Viper4-android App
  6. Change The UI Setting To Expert-: Click On 3 Dot Menu Open UI Setting Choice Expert 
  7. Now Import Profile -: Click On 3 Dot Menu Click Import Profile Select Vp


Reboot And Enjoy 😉

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