Guide To Root Lava Iris X8 With Pc Kingroot Root Tool

Guide To Root Lava Iris X8 With Pc Kingroot Root Tool


Disclaimer: In No Way, We Have A Responsibility, If You Brick Your Phone Or SD Card Dead Or Your Phone Is Not Working Properly. It Is Your Sole Responsibility And Your Own To Get The Phone Root Privileges

Root of preparation:

  • 1. Backup Your Phone Click Here.
    2. Your Phone’S Battery Should Be Charged 80% Of The Minimum.
    3. Let Your Computer Must Correct Power Backup.
    4. Read All The Steps, And Then Do It Carefully.

Guides To Rooting Lava Iris X8:

  1. Download The Rooting Package For Lava Iris X8 Here.
  2. All Files Downloaded Currently.
  3. Install The USB Driver On Your PC.
  4. Enable USB Debugging On Your Phone. Go To Settings Developers >>> >>> USB Debugging Option To Check.


  1. Download And Install The Application Kingoroot.
  2. Connect Your Phone To The Computer.
  3. The Kingroot Software Automatically Detects And Displays The Name Of Your Device On The Screen.
  4. Now Click On The “Root Now.”
  5. Now Start The Root Processor. After The Root Processor Completely Disconnect Your Phone.
  6. Now, You Successfully Rooted Lava X8.


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