How To Increase Keyboard Height In Google Keyboard

How To Increase Keyboard Height In Google Keyboard

Increase Keyboard Height In Google KeyboardWant to increase the Keyboard Height? Then here is the method to do it. Follow this How To Increase Keyboard Height In Google Keyboard (Gboard). As we know Google uploaded many of its stock apps to play store and Gboard is one of them. It is fast and features packed keyboard by Google. The latest update of Google keyboard also allows you to customize it. Some people need the height of keyboard more even if it’s at its max height. So if you want to increase the height then follow How To Increase Keyboard Height In Google Keyboard.

Most people still feel uncomfortable with the height of the keyboard. For me, it’s good at medium. As the small size of the keyboard can increase the chances of inaccuracy. For those who need big size i.e. height they can follow this guide. Read all the guide and do the process.

WARNING: This method involves modifying the Google keyboard app data files. If you do it wrong you App can become unstable.


  • Rooted device
  • Root file explorer like ES File Explorer, Solid Explorer

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Guide To Increase Keyboard Height:

  • As stated in the requirements you need root file explorer.
  • Open your File Explorer and go to this path.


Inside this folder look for the file named as,

Now open the file in the text editor and look for this line.

<string name=”keyboard_height_ratio”>1.0</string>

Also, you can search as Keyboard_Height_Ratio, use the search feature if available. You can put the number and increase the height of the keyboard. It works like if you set the size 2.0 then the keyboard height will be 2.0X larger than original.

Once you are done with editing save the file carefully and exit. Done now you have successfully increased the height of Google Keyboard. If you like the post don’t forget to share it.

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