Download Latest iOS 11 Icon Pack for Android Phones

The iPhone has different and unique everything. A completely different system from Android. The ios 11 icon pack is also good and if you want to use it on your android device you can use it easily. The iOS 11 icon pack for Android is now available. You can use the icons in your Android devices easily. Follow the post to know how to install iOS 11 Icon Pack For Android devices. You can use your favourite launcher to apply those icon packs. Some preloaded launchers also support third-party icons like One UI, Poco launchers.

iOS 11 Icon Packs/ iPhone Icon Pack:

Apple bragged so much about their font in WWDC last year. With the introduction of the new iPhone. The icons as far as I remember they remained almost the same. Just some minor changes like rounded and some other aspects are changed. Still, they are very much popular among Android users too. The icons surely look good and there is plenty of things to try on Android. So if we don’t like one we have another one for trying out. If you want the font then get this iOS 11 Font for Android. Check out the below screenshots to get the visual reference.

So you can use any of the favourite launchers to applying the icon pack. Launchers like Nova launcher, Lawnchair, One UI, Poco will support. Also, most of the default launchers are not supporting the third-party icons packs too. So let’s download iPhone Icon Pack For Android.

Downloads Section:

Play Store Link

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Developer: mwkhoirul
Price: Free+

If you want APK version, let us know in the comments below.

How To Install:

1.) Download and install the app from the above play store link.

2.) Now open the CleanDroid UI app.

3.) In the app itself, the list of the supported launchers will be displayed.

4.) Tap on the launcher which you are using in your phone now.

If you don’t have any supported launcher you can always download launchers like Nova, Poco etc from the play store.

Otherwise, you can also apply the icon pack from your default launcher options. Just go to your launcher settings–>Icons packs–>Select the CleanDroid UI.

So that’s it for iOS 11 Icon Pack For Android. This is iPhone Icon Pack For Android. Don’t forget to subscribe to our newsletter to receive updates regarding the posts. We post stock wallpapers, stock ringtones and many more exclusive contents of all the devices.

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