Download Latest iPhone X Font For MIUI Devices [iOS 11 Fonts Available]

The iPhone has different and unique everything. A completely different system from Android. The iPhone X Font is also good and if you want to use it on your MIUI device you can use it easily. The iOS 11 came with the iPhone X and the fonts are too. You can use the fonts in your MIUI devices easily. Follow the post to know how to install iPhone X Font for MIUI. You can try using on other Android devices too by if you have rooted Android its easy to use. iOS 11 font is the San Fransisco font which is popular. This font comes default with iPhone now.

iOS 11 Font/ iPhone X Font:

Apple bragged so much about their font in WWDC last year. With the introduction of the new iPhone. The Fonts_iPhone is introduced. The fonts iPhone made a name as San Fransisco font. Previous fonts iPhone called Helvetica which is now known as San Fransisco font. Apple showcased the newer version of Helvetica introduced as San Francisco font. This font is made available with iOS 11 too. The iOS 11 font or iPhone 11 fonts same adapted in the later versions too.

Screenshot 3

You can use this iPhone 11_font on your MIUI device. We just need to follow some of the steps listed below. You can try installing the font on other Android devices too if you are rooted user you can do it in very few steps. But this one is for MIUI devices. So get the iPhone X Font for MIUI devices. This will work on MIUI 10, 11 too.

Download iPhone X Font For MIUI Devices:

So there are two versions of this iOS 11 font. One is with the UNICODE support and the other one is the regular one. So you can download the one according to you. You can try both one.

iPhone X Font Regular Version MTZ


iPhone X Font Unicode Version MTZ

How To Install Font:

  1. Download the above-required font.
  2. Now copy the downloaded above .MTZ font file to your phone.
  3. On your MIUI devices, open the themes App.
  4. On the home page of Themes App. Go to OFFLINE section.
  5. Now tap the import option. Now browse and select the downloaded mtz file.
  6. Apply the Theme.

Done, The theme is now will be installed with the iOS 11 font for MIUI devices. Don’t forget to subscribe to our newsletter to receive updates regarding the posts. We post stock wallpapers, stock ringtones and many more exclusive contents of all the devices.

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