Download BETA Microsoft Office For Android Devices [All In One Office Apps]

There are lots of Microsoft apps for Android which are really great and useful. Microsoft didn’t do any type of advertising for them. The most required and downloaded is obviously the Microsoft office apps. But on Android, the Microsoft apps are released separately like Microsoft powerpoint, Microsoft Word, etc. They didn’t release all in one app. Now Microsoft is releasing one app for all of the Microsoft Office suite apps which are available for Android. The app is still in BETA version. But you can download it from the below links. Just follow the post to get the BETA Microsoft office For Android devices the all in one office apps. You can also download Microsoft Office APK for Android.

Microsoft Office For Android:

Lots of users were not satisfied with downloading each office app for different uses. So Microsoft is finally releasing a combined app bundled with most-used Microsoft office apps those are Microsoft Word, Powerpoint and Excel. Microsoft Office APK for Android is available to download but Microsoft Office Mobile APK is still in the BETA version. So either you can sign up for the BETA version by following some easy simple steps or if it’s too much then you can directly download the Microsoft Office Mobile APK for Android.

There are lots of features you can try with the new Microsoft Office Mobile APK. Once you install the app you get the option to choose Notes, lens, and documents. The lens is integrated into this app, it will help you capture any images or your important documents and scan them and convert them to PDF format. You get the Powerpoint, word and excel software in one app. The app is still in BETA version so maybe some minor crashes can be experienced. But still, this app is much fast.

Download Microsoft Office For Android [By Signing Up For BETA]:

1.) Firstly, to become a BETA tester for this app you need to join the ”Office Mobile Android Preview” group. So join the group instantly from HERE.

2.) Now you have to go the BETA signup for Play Store.

Microsoft Office BETA Tester

3.) Just tap on the Become A Tester as shown in the image above. On the next page, you’ll see the link to download the Microsoft Office Mobile for Android.

That’s it, you can enjoy the BETA features of this app directly from the play store. You can exit the BETA program anytime you want. If you still don’t want to do this much just download the below APK and install as usual we install the APK files.

Download Microsoft Office Mobile APK for Android:

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