Download Open Source Camera App For Any Android

Download Open Source Camera App For Any Android. One of the best reasons of Android mobile to buy. You can install anything and almost everything is open-source. This one is also an open-source camera app for doing the best in photos. It has some features which make it the best open-source camera. Almost all of the mobiles support the third-party camera app. Most of the sensors support in every camera app. This feature makes the Android a special one. Let’s check it out some of the features and information about Open Camera.

About Open Camera:

The open camera is a third-party app which is an open-source app. Open Source camera app was built in the year of 2013. Open source camera app in short open camera does not contain any ads. Also, as it is open-source it is freely available. Let’s check it out some of its features.

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Features Of Open Camera App:

  • Different focus modes available depending on sensor capability
  • Burst mode with configurable delay
  • Auto level of pictures
  • You can apply color mode, scene mode, white balance etc.
  • Face detection feature is selectable
  • Capture images by voice command
  • High dynamic range HDR Support
  • Exposure lock support

Much more features are available in this Open Camera app. Open source camera app is under development many new features are developed. Surely the new features will bring this app to good ratings. Download the app from below link. You can install the app like a normal APK file.

⇓⇓ Download Open Source Camera App ⇓⇓

Official Open Camera App Project 

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