Install Pixel 2 Boot Animation For Any Android Devices

Install Pixel 2 Boot Animation For Any Android Devices

Download And Install Pixel 2 Boot Animation For Any Android DevicesHere is another stuff which is ported from Pixel 2 device. This time it is the boot animation. We already posted many things which are ported from this device. Launchers, Wallpapers, Ringtones and much more. You can find all the stuff related to Pixel 2 Here —->>>>Pixel 2 boot animation for any Android is the stock Android like animation. It is very popular nowadays. Literally, all the things related to Pixel 2 are nowadays getting popular. So give this boot animation a try it is simple and easy to install. So follow the post to Download And Install Pixel 2 Boot Animation For Any Android Devices.

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This Pixel 2 animation for any Android is developed by an XDA forum developer. RISHI2906 ported this boot animation. It is fast animation and really looks classic on the smartphone. Pixel 2 boot animation is also available in 720P it looks really good. One main thing is it has no errors like stuck or animation stopping issue. But the most compatible is 1080*1920 pixels. It is a flashable version also a manual installation procedure we will tell you in this post. So just let’s start now.

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Guide To Install Pixel 2 Boot Animation Using Recovery:

  • If you have installed recovery on your phone then you just need to flash the ZIP.
  • If you don’t have a recovery you can use below manual method. But I suggest you install recovery take the advantage of Android dude!!
  • Boot your phone into recovery mode.
  • Go to install section from your recovery and navigate to the boot animation ZIP.
  • Select the ZIP and swipe to install the ZIP.
  • Reboot your device after successful flashing.

Done you can enjoy your Pixel 2 boot animation now.

Guide To Install Pixel 2 Boot Animation Manually:

  • In the download section, there is version 3 ZIP you can install that ZIP manually. If you decided to manually install and don’t have recovery installed.
  • Download the Pixel_2BootAnimation_V3.Zip version zip extract it. Go to your phone’s storage and navigate to, /system/media.
  • There you will find the file. Replace it with the one you extracted. 
  • Now you need to change the properties of this file. To do this just hold on the file and click on three dot icon above and click on properties. 
  • Change the properties to 644 (rw-r–r–). Now reboot your device.

Now enjoy the Pixel 2 boot animation on your Android smartphone.

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