How To RUN Android Pay On Rooted Phone (Any Devices)

How To RUN Android Pay On Rooted Phone

Run Androd Pay on any rooted deviceAs the Google allowed developers of apps to choose to allow or stop running the app on the rooted device. from that instance, many Play Store apps are stopped running on rooted devices. But there is a solution to all of this by using Magisk or SuperSu systemless. If you have made any small changes like rooting to your device safety net check will not be true that is it will fail. So by using the system less magisk or SuperSu, we can easily use the apps which are restricted for rooted users. So follow the post to RUN Android Pay On Rooted Phone (Any Devices).

Even if you have rooted smartphone Google Play store will show your smartphone uncertified. To check this go to Google Play store –>settings–>Scroll down to bottom. In coming time there will be more apps which will restrict rooted users to use their apps. So these methods will work and we will continue to use these apps. Recently we posted about the TEZ App To RUN on rooted devices. So now we will see RUN Android Pay On Rooted Phone (Any Devices).

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Method 1 System-Less SuperSu:

Rooting systemless your smartphone results into running of restricted apps. So Android Pay on rooted devices can be run by this method. Usually, the SuperSu by using binaries touches the system and thus safety net check fails. The Chainfire developer developed Systemless root of SuperSu without doing any changes to the system.


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Rooting is easy just you need to flash the Systemless SuperSu VIA TWRP Recovery.

  1. Download “SuperSu.Zip” copy it to the phone.
  2. Turn off your phone and turn into recovery mode By Volume Down + Power.
  3. Now Allow Modifications “Swipe to Allow Modifications” allow it.
  4. Go to Install Navigate to 
  5. SuperSu.Zip
  6. Swipe to install.
  7. Reboot your device.

Now your device is rooted. We will do some ADB command to make it systemless root. Connect your device to PC VIA USB Cable. Hit the following commands one by one in ADB.

adb shell
chmod 751 /su/bin

After completion disconnects your mobile from PC. Now Android Pay should work and safety net check should have been passed. NOTE that you cant use any other rooting apps that involves modifying the system partition. Safety Net check will be again broken.

Magisk SystemLess Root:

Nowadays SuperSu is replaced by Magisk in almost every new device. Magisk has lots of features and it is much customizable compared to SuperSu. The modules are the main advantage of Magisk. It provides direct installation of those modules. No need to download any extra ZIP and flash through TWRP. Just install Magisk and do install your ZIP modules.


Now enable the options in Magik settings given below. Enable each and every option listed below. It will help to RUN Android Pay On Rooted Phone.


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