How to Schedule Email in Gmail?

Email is a service or tool that is used by almost each and every person today. Any professional message or news is delivered using Email.

Also this tool is used greatly by company personals to inform you about important updates. Whether we want to send our resume, send any invoice, or during blogger outreach, Email today is the key.

But it happens many times that we forget to send a mail when we are supposed to send it, and when you want to send an Email to another time-zone ,it becomes very disturbing.

Do you worry about it?

Is it problematic when you want a person to read a mail at that time but you both are different time-zones away?

Now you don’t need to worry about it.

Here is one trick by which you can schedule your email and can send it later whenever you want.

STEP 1- Install Boomerang extension .(Steps are shown for scheduling mail from computer )

Boomerang extension is available for Firefox and chrome. This service provides features like scheduling your Emails , and pausing your inbox for sometime so that we do not receive mails for specific period of time. This tool is available for Gmail users. This is also available for Smartphone devices(android and iOS).

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If you do not have this extension you can download it from G-suite marketplace or chrome web store .

You can see your extension on the top right corner of your chrome homepage ,after installing it .If you are using Firefox, you can download it from Firefox web store.

If you want to schedule your mail from your mobile phone , you can download it from play-store.

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STEP 2: Compose a message .

After adding this tool , your compose box will look like as shown below. Compose a message normally as you do always.

word image 47

STEP 3: Add recipients and subject.

After composing email, add the recipients and the subject in your email.


Before hitting on the Send button , click on send later button as shown in figure. After clicking that button , it will show a pop-up box as shown below.

You can see the time and date in the pop-up window. Set the date and time of your message, whenever you want to send .

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You can also change the setting of the options of the pop-up window by clicking on settings sign besides the send message text. You can add a date and time of your wish. For example, when Christmas is near and you want to wish your loved ones by sending a heartwarming mail but due to your busy schedule you forgot to send mail. You can compose it and can set date to 25 December so that the mail is received by 25 December to your loved ones.

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STEP 5 : Hit the send button .

After deciding date and time , now you can finally hit the send button.

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But what happens when you have scheduled your mail on a specific date and time and then suddenly you remembered that this message is now supposed to be sent on another day or just you want to send it on another time. We have the solution for this problem too . Here’s the way to reschedule it.

Go to boomerang outbox as shown in figure.

As you have installed Boomerang , this will provide a new option for outbox called Boomerang-Outbox just under the Boomerang category . All your scheduled emails are stored right here. (See the image below ).

word image 51

Click on Reschedule.

You can also edit the message if you want or you can also cancel it if you don’t want to send .

This tool also provides you option of Send Now that will send your message immediately. If you are looking to unblock tv series then you can also try out these sites.

word image 52

After clicking on reschedule, you will again see a pop-up window as shown below. Set the date and time again and click on reschedule button . Now your message will be sent on the date you wrote in that textbox .

word image 53

Now hit the reschedule button again and you are again set to send it without remembering it.

Above were the five simple steps if you want to schedule or reschedule your email .Now schedule your mails easily , and have a hassle free day all around and do whatever you want to..

Did you realized that your were these steps way to make your work more easier?

Apart from being simple it is also secure and committed to your privacy , as it does not read any of your mails.

If you have tried any other method or this method ,let us know which one worked out perfectly for you.

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