Guide To Unlock Bootloader And Root OnePlus 6 Working Method

Guide To Unlock Bootloader And Root OnePlus 6

Unlock Bootloader and root oneplus 61Recently OnePlus launched new flagship killer device, the OnePlus 6. This device launched in India and after launching it has received a very positive rating from users and critics. The most important thing it comes with 6-inch Full HD with notch display, also it has Snapdragon 845 CPU and Dual camera setup. So many people and I also already fall in love with these smartphones. It is a budget device. So today I saw “guide for rooting the OnePlus 6” and guide to “root OnePlus 6” in XDA forum. Here we share a full guide to Unlock Bootloader And Root OnePlus 6.

Here we will guide to Unlock Bootloader And Root OnePlus 6. Also, Root OnePlus 6 via Magisk with a simple guide. If you have OnePlus 6 you can Unlock Bootloader on your device and root it. So without unlocking bootloader, you couldn’t customize any things so first “unlock bootloader OnePlus 6 “.

After launching OnePlus 6 already started to develop many mods, custom ROM and much ROM at XDA forum. If you want to install any mod, then need to Unlock Bootloader And Root OnePlus 6. So let’s go to the steps below to unlock bootloader, Install TWRP Recovery And Root OnePlus 6.

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Guide To Unlock The Bootloader:

Please Follow below guide only after unlocking the bootloader. Or Your Phone will be bricked!!

Guide To Root OnePlus 6:

  1. Firstly, download the patched boot image from the downloads section.

2. Copy this downloaded image to ADB installation directory. ADB Fastbot Tool Folder.

3. Now reboot your device in fastboot mode. By pressing the POWER+VOLUME UP buttons.

4. Open the ADB command window. (CMD WINDOW).

Type the following command and hit enter.

fastboot boot patched_boot_magisk1642.img

6. Now this will boot your device as usual. Here the real rooting process starts.

7. As We said in the downloads section download the Magisk Manager APK. Install it.

8. Launch the Magisk Manager; It will show the device is rooted, Wait it’s not done yet that root is temporary. To get it permanent follow the steps.

9. In the Magisk manager—Settings–Change Update Channel–Then change it to BETA.

10. On the Magisk main App screen, tick the boxes next to Preserve force encryption and Preserve AVB 2.0/dm-verity.

11. Below this option tap on install–direct install and just wait till the image is patched.

12. It will show you to reboot your device once the process is done. Reboot your device.

OnePlus 6 Root

Now your device is rooted!! If you have any problems contact on our official Facebook page. Also, on top right corner on site, there is an Instagram button follow us there!! 

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