5 Best Data Backup And Restore Apps To Backup Everything On Android

Nowadays Smartphone is a most important thing in our life. Almost every user save his all important files like contact, massage, App Data and much more in the Android device. So if you want to reconfigure your device or you want to root your device then keep the backup essential file from the device. We provide here 5 Best Data Backup and Restore Apps to Backup Everything on Android.

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5 Best Data Backup And Restore Apps list below

Backing up your device’s data to keep all app settings and files. You can restore all files at any moment on the same device or new device using the same application. If your device not rooted then don’t worry about it. Here we share phone backup apps without root. Today we share 5 Best Data Backup and Restore Apps to Backup Everything on Android.

5. Super Backup & Restore:

Super Backup Restore 2Super Backup Restore 1

You can easily choose to back up your apps, SMS, contacts, call logs, calendars and bookmarks. Note that you can back up everything right away, or just select a specific item. Finally, be sure to select the backup path and folder located on the SD card. This way, you can restore your phone’s after a factory reset, also you can restore all back up in your brand new device using Super Backup & Restore app. You can check and change the path from the settings to keep back up file safe after factory reset.

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  • Backup apps to SD card.
  • Backup & restore app’s data (need root).
  • One by one restore apps from SD card (need root).
  • One tap to share APK files.
  • Backup & restore Contacts & SMS & Call logs & Bookmarks & Calendars to SD card.
  • Schedule automatic backups.
  • Support backup your voice call recording.

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Developer: MobileIdea Studio
Price: Free+

4. G Cloud Backup:

G Cloud Backup

It is the easiest backup application I have ever used. G Cloud requires an account (you can simply log in using G+ account). However, after that, the application is ready to back up. Let it calculate the size of each category over time and then select what to back up. Click the red “Save” icon and wait. That’s it. To recover the data, re-download the application and select the “Restore” option from the setup menu.

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  • Auto Backup Messages (SMS), contacts, call logs, documents, settings, photos (at full resolution), videos, music and more.
  • Backup Camera, Whatsapp, Viber photos and videos.
  • Protect the App with a passcode.
  • Secure data transfer.
  • Access your messages, call logs, download contacts, share music, videos and view photos via the web: http://www.gcloudbackup.com

Developer: Genie9 LTD
Price: Free+

3. App Vault [Requires ROOT]:

App Vault

Use App Vault to back up and restore applications, text, call history, alarm clock, WiFi and Bluetooth settings. The app also allows you to freeze applications and convert user applications into system applications as well as system applications to user applications.

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In addition, it saves or backup your WiFi, Bluetooth and text backups. It prevents people with physical access to your device from reading your sensitive information, this is a free feature. Also, there are some extra features and AD free but that need to purchase this application.

  • Auto Backup.
  • Auto Restore.
  • Silent Restore.

2. Helium – App Sync and Backup:

Helium 2Helium 3

All Android users can use Helium to back up and sync Android applications. Helium is an application that does not require root access. Just need to download the application and install on your device. You must also download the desktop application to use Helium. This way, you can instantly synchronize and restore your application data. Also, there are some extra features but that need to purchase this application.

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  • Backup and restore to SD card.
  • Backup and restore from the computer.
  • Automatic Backup schedules.
  • Cloud backup and restore.

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1. Titanium Backup:

Titanium Backup 2Titanium Backup 1

This is the best app to backup and restores app data and phone backup apps also. You can backup, restore, freeze your apps + data + market links. This includes all protected applications and system applications, as well as external data on the SD card. Also, you can move any app data from internal to SD card or your new device. However, this is the best app I have ever seen. Try the link below.

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  • 0-click batch restores.
  • Backup/restore SMS,MMS,calls,bookmarks,Wi-Fi AP as XML.
  • Convert user apps to system apps.
  • Change the device’s Android ID, restore it from a backup or after a factory reset.
  • Protect backup against deletion.
  • Freeze/defrost/launch apps in a single click.
  • Much more.

This is our list of best App Backup And Restore. if you think of any other such kind of app should be included in this list instead of the above-mentioned ones, then feel free to comment below and share your thoughts.
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