How To Add Contacts Pictures On Your Android Device

After purchased an Android smartphone, you move or save all of your contact from another device. We all mainly use the phone for calling someone, to your friends, parents, cousin. So if you want to see your favourite person picture on call then follow the guide. This guide for the beginner android users. Today we share how to add Contacts Pictures on your Android Device.

How To Add Contacts Pictures On Android:

When someone calls me or someone we notice the first the number or name. If there are two people on your phone in the same name then it becomes difficult to understand who is calling the phone. So if you put Android Contacts pictures on your contact then this is so easy to understand.

Earlier Android Contacts pictures would come in different ways “full-screen caller ID” but that’s changed nowadays. If you want to see a photo of the person who’s calling you. Personally, I still like this features. Here we share a full guide to Add Android Contacts pictures.

We share the basic method to assign a picture on contact on Android. You can Android Contacts pictures of many phones by following this procedure.

Guide To Add Android Contacts Pictures:

Before starting guide, I want to say that this guide is not the same for all phones, it depends on your smartphone’s operating system. This step is for Stock Android-based device.

Step1: Open “Contact” App in your device.

Add Android Contacts Pictures 1

Step2: Now select a Contact number from the list that you want to assign with a picture.

Step3: After that click on “Edit” button at the bottom right corner.

Add Android Contacts Pictures 1

Step4: Now click on the Camera button, a popup will appear. It is showing Two option “Take Photo” and “Choose photo” select one of those options.

  • Here we select choose photo option.

Add Android Contacts Pictures 2

Step5: Select a photo then crop photo and click on Done button.

Add Android Contacts Pictures 3

If you have Custom UI based device then, follow this steps.

All the steps are almost the same but some twice in “Step3”. Here you click “three dots” in top side right corner and click on Edit. Then follow the above procedures as it is just like before.

Assign Contacts pictures on Android
Assign Contacts pictures on Android

If you save contact in your Google account or any other account then automatically the contact image will be synced to all your devices.

That’s it, this is our simple guide to Assign Contacts pictures on your Android device.

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