Install Dolby Atmos and ViPER4Android for EMUI 5.0 Huawei Phones

Fed up with stock audio quality? want the best Music Experience so you are finally found the correct Audio Mod for EMUI 5.0. Huawei Honor Android 7.0 Device users can Install Dolby Atmos and ViPER4Android for EMUI 5.0. We already published ViPER4Android for EMUI 5.0 Huawei Mate 9 and here we found another mod. This audio mode can be used with any Music player, YouTube Spotify, and Other online music players. This Mod support Bothe Huawei and Honor phones like P10, Mate 9, Honor 8, Honor 6x, Honor 9 with EMUI 5.0 and EMUI 5.1.

We already posted ViPER4Android for and Marshmallow EMUI 4.0 4.1 phones, but this one does not work with EMUI new version. ViPER4Android is not working in EMUI 4.0 because of Huawei DTS. So here a modded version of ViPER4Android with Dolby Atmos, Sony Audio and Beats Audio. This Audio Mod will work both EMUI 5.1, EMUI 5.0 all Huawei Honor Phones. This Audio Mod will work with Any Music Player.



  • EMUI 5.0, EMUI 5.1 Android 7.0
  • Tested on: –  Honor 8, Honor 9, Honor 6x, Honor 9i, Honor 5x, Honor 8 Pro Huawei P10, Huawei Mate 9, Huawei P9.


  • Device Must Be Rooted Search Rooting Guide: – Here 
  • Required TWRP custom Recovery Look it For – Here
  • Install BusyBox app on your phone.
  • Set SELinux to Permissive With SELinux Switch App.
  • Download the flashable Audio Mod Zip.

Download Dolby Atmos and ViPER4Android for EMUI 5.0

SELinux Switch

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Price: Free


Install Dolby Atmos and ViPER4Android for EMUI 5.0:-

1: – Read Preparation.

2: – Install BusyBox app on your phone.

  • Open Busy Box And Install In Both /system/xbin//system/bin/

busybox config 576x1024

3: – Install SELinux Switch App and Set SELinux to Permissive.

Screenshot 20171102 213014

4: – Download File Explorer Root Browser or Solid Explorer and Go To /vendor/etc. Look for a file named audio_config.conf or audio_effects.conf and rename it to audio_effects.conf.bak.

Screenshot 20171102 214142

5: – Download  “” and “” Copy it to the phone.

6: – Turn off your Huawei phone and turn it to recovery mode by Hold Volume Up +Power.

7: – Go to Install navigate to the “” swipe to install Then Install “” if you want Dolby + Viper Or Just Flash ViperZip.

8: – Back Wipe Cache and Reboot the device.

9: – Open ViPER4Android app Give full permission to ViPER4Android.

Now Config Dolby and Viper Enjoy.


Guide To use Viper4Android on EMUI 5.0

Here are My Config And Profile To Get Boom Boom Sound 😀

  • Download Unzip And Copy Viper4Android Folder To Internal Storage Root.
  • Open Viper4Android and first turn on Master Power.Viper4android 1
  • Now again open the Viper4Android app then click 3-dot Menu and go to Load effect profile then click saved file.

    Yep!!! Now you enjoy perfect sound on your Huawei Honor EMUI 5.0 Device.


Guide To use Dolby Atmos:-

  • Open Dolby Atmos App.
  • Select the Music Tab.

Dolby Atmos EMUI 5.0

  • Turn On Surround Virtualization.
  • Enjoy

You can use Huawei DTS With Dolby + Viper4android too

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