How to Enable Password Leak Detection In Chrome Browser

A good deal of folks have experienced their password leaked time ago as a consequence of a data breach and do not know about it. The very same men and women go on using the same password to get their other accounts that can later wind up being undermining. But, keeping your password-protected is still very much your duty, and you need to attempt using several passwords and change them from time to time. Google Chrome can even aid you in figuring out which of your passwords are compromised with the Password Leak Detection feature.

Chrome versions 78 has been rolled out to all devices such as a desktop computer, tablet, and smartphones. It is a huge update, but the majority of the changes it brings are under-the-hood, including bug fixes, security patches. On the desktop computer, you get more heavy, hovering boxes that are sort of annoying to a. Another new attribute in Chrome 78 is Password Leak Detection and also a brand new feature named Force Dark Mode. Here in this post, we will guide you on how you can Enable Password Leak Detection In Chrome Browser, both desktop and mobile.

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Chrome Password Leak Detection

Password Leak Detection is a feature that will inform you whether any of your passwords have turned into an information breach. This suggests your passwords are stored in Chrome, on Google’s servers. So if you are using other platforms like LastPass, this attribute is of use to you.

Password Leak Detection 1


How Google does this, is by simply scanning usernames and passwords from a database of breaches. The info is, naturally, hashed so that you do not need to think about your usernames and passwords floating about in the plain text.

In case you are not aware, Google has previously published an extension which does exactly the exact same thing, known as Password Checkup. Hence that the Password Leak Detection feature is essentially a reworked version of this, just this time it’s built with Chrome.

Enable Password Leak Detection In Chrome

1. First, open Chrome Browser To enable Password Leak Detection.

2. Type this address in the Chrome address bar and hit enter.


3. Now search for Password Leak Detection, and select Enabled from default.

4. Now re-launch the browser by taping Relaunch to enable Leak Detection.

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