How To Change Search From Bing To Google In Edge Chromium Browser

Microsoft finally giving up the old internet explorer and came up with the new chromium-based browser. The BETA, Canary versions were out since from last months but now stable versions are out. Now Microsoft finally releasing the Microsoft Edge Chromium Browser. It is based on Chromium so now you can enjoy the Edge browser the same as that of Chrome, Brave browsers. So I installed the new edge chromium-browser today and searched and it’s searching on bing search. So if you want to change the search from bing to Google in Edge chromium browser follow the steps below. You can change the Bing Search to Google Search in easy steps. If you didn’t installed the browser yet get the Microsoft Edge Chromium Browser.

Bing Search To Google Search:

Personally, I am using Google Chrome for a long time and using Google Search as default. So I am familiar with Google Search and find it a little bit comfy. I installed the new Edge Chromium browser a few days ago and its really good. It is based on Chromium so extensions and all the stuff from Google Chrome are now available for Edge Chromium. So all stuff is good right now the only thing I was willing to change is the Change Search From Bing To Google In Edge Chromium Browser. So here we are I just looked for a way to change it and found it. So I am sharing the guide here.

How To Change the Search:

1.) First, of all download the Edge Chromium if you have it already then skip the step.

2.) Now open the browser, go Chrome Web Store.

3.) There you will get the notification for installing Chrome extensions on Edge Chromium. Just like the below screenshot allow it.

allow extensions 1024x216

4.) Now search for ”Chrometana Pro” in the search box of Chrome Web Store. If you can’t find the extension here is the link of Chrometana Pro Extension. Click on add to chrome.

Chrome Tana Pro Add To Chrome 1024x291

4.) After installation, a new window will open as shown below screenshot. Now in this, you have to select which search option you want to use. You can use Google Search, Dolphin and Yahoo search. Just click on the Google Search to change Bing Search to Google Search.

Changing Bing To Google Search 1024x392

That’s it, now you can search for anything in the address bar and it will search in Google Search.

So, that’s how you Change Search From Bing To Google In Edge Chromium Browser. If you like the post, please share it with other communities and forums 🙂. Don’t forget to join our telegram group for more wallpapers, Themes, Ringtones Update –

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