Enable Qualcomm DAC To Maximize Sound Quality (Magisk Module)

Here is the guide for Enable Qualcomm DAC to Maximize sound quality on Snapdragon devices. Install it and enjoy the superior music on your pair of headphones. This DAC enabler developed by XDA developer Androidexpert35

What is DAC Enabler:

Every Snapdragon device has a DAC named as Wcd9xx. It has an advantage of that it is configurable for some options. you can Enable/Disable some options and also can modify it. Wcd9xx audio DAC in Snapdragon devices not configured to use full potential. This may not be the problem for some normal users and that’s how developers get triggered :P. Music lovers need some extra sound quality for experiencing the best music. if it can be enabled by a DAC enabler then why not try it!!

How the DAC Enabler Works:

The DAC enabler is nothing but a module that can be flashed using the Magisk. In simple words, This specific module enables the ”High-performance mode” of your Snapdragon audio DAC. This causes the DAC audio chip to reach its maximum power. Brings you the best audio quality possible. 


  • Magisk v11.0+
  • Snapdragon Device
  • Busybox installed the latest version
  • some patience 😛

Enable Qualcomm DAC Installation Procedure

  • Download the High-performance DAC Zip to begin.
  • After the zip is downloaded, open the Magisk. Click on the side panel and select the Modules tab.

Snapdragon DAC Enabler 3 576x1024

  • From the floating button select flash module zip. Select the  High-performance DAC Zip and open it.

Snapdragon DAC Enabler 4 576x1024

  • Just wait for seconds to let the zip flash. If the flashing successful a popup will open indicating that installation is successful. click on Reboot.

Snapdragon DAC Enabler 1 576x1024

  • If you want to uninstall this module, just go to modules tab. click on uninstall.

Snapdragon DAC Enabler 2 576x1024

High-performance DAC Zip

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After rebooting the phone, just grab your favorite headphones. You will see a noticeable difference in audio quality. Install any music app it will apply to every app. Enjoy the music. 😀

Comment if you notice any difference also if any problem occurs. 🙂

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Source XDA
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