Download Gaming Mode App For Android, Boost Your Gaming Performance

There are lots of gaming booster apps are available on the internet, or you can say on the Play Store. When I was having the low specification mobile I always tried to boost its performance by any means. But its not possible by large margin by any app. But somewhat can be improved. Just like that, we can boot gaming performance by Gaming Mode App available on the play store. If your phone is rooted then there are some special features available for you, so you can try it. So follow the post to Download Gaming Mode App For Android, Boost Your Gaming Performance.

Gaming Mode App:

This app is developed by ZAPPCUES developers and its available on the play store. Links are provided below in the download section. So what this app can do? It can clear the RAM, background apps when you launch the game. You can control the game settings globally. The bonus thing is this app not only used for game optimisation but also with other apps like Netflix, Amazon prime etc. You can configure the settings as per the game or globally. The gaming mode app for Android will remember your previous settings so you don’t need to set it up again and again. Below are things which you can do with the Gaming Mode App for Android.


  • Enable Auto Mode that automatically detects game/app and applies configured settings and reverts it back to original after exiting the game/app.
  • Clear Background Apps to free up RAM & Boost Performance.
  • Create widgets to launch games directly from your device home screen.
  • Change WiFi state.
  • Disable auto brightness & set it to your desired level.
  • Block notifications.
  • Auto rejection of incoming calls.
  • White list apps from notification blocking.
  • White list apps to prevent them from getting cleared from background.

Some Screens:

Gaming Mode APP Screens

Downloads Section:

So what are you waiting for get this Gaming App for Android to get the ultimate mobile gaming experience on your smartphone. If you like the post don’t forget to share it!! Also, like our official Facebook page for more information!! Also, join our telegram channel for instant updates directly to your smartphones!!

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