How To Get Unlimited Online Storage Via Telegram Cloud

The cloud services are an important part of any sector nowadays. Whether it is for educational, industry sectors etc. In other words, Cloud services are necessary nowadays. Cloud services are easy to use, seamless data transmission capacity and you can get access to the data stored from any devices just by logging in. There are many providers who give Cloud storage. One of them is Telegram, it has unique cloud service which really comes in handy. So how you can use it for unlimited? So just follow the post, How To Get Unlimited Online Storage Via Telegram Cloud.

About Personal Cloud Storage:

The main aim of cloud services is to transfer the data from anywhere. You can just access it with a good internet from anywhere from any device. Nowadays many peoples are shifting from physical storage to cloud storage. As the internet is now available to almost everyone. So to access the data easily rather than using the physical storage, cloud storage is a better option always.

There are many things which makes the cloud storage a best personal storage. Like just I uploaded all of my important documents, important data to my personal cloud storage. So I can access it from wherever I want and from any device. For students like me, cloud storage is best. Most importantly, the data will remain safe and untouched if you ever lost your device.

So let’s move to the topic, the Telegram to has personal storage. The Telegram cloud is already available to those who have the Telegram account. So if you have Telegram account you have already access to these Telegram cloud services. If you don’t have the account you can create it right now.

Download Section:

You can download the Telegram app from the above link. Both are official versions and work similarly. Just the Telegram X has more animations and themes. You can get any of them.

To get the Telegram App:

  1. Just download the app from play store.
  2. Open the app and it will ask for the mobile number.
  3. put your mobile number and a confirmation code will be asked which is sent to the mobile number you entered.
  4. After entering the code it will ask for name and profile picture if you are a new user.
  5. Just like that, you have now created the Telegram account.

How To Use And What You Can Upload And Limit:

Where is Telegram Cloud:

  1. Open the Telegram app.
  2. Tap on the upper right corner.
  3. Click on saved messages.
  4. And upload files as you send someone.

Check screenshots below for more information.

Telegram cloud is simple like chatting someone and sending them the files. You can upload files as long as it is below 1.5GB size.

Access Telegram from Multiple Devices:

It’s a cloud service so you can view from any other devices. This was about the Android you can find Telegram for iOS too. Also, if you want to view it from your desktop there is the website of Telegram.

Official Telegram Website

So this was about the How To Get Unlimited Online Storage Via Telegram Cloud. If you like the post don’t forget to share it!!

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