How To Use Google Pay, Phonepe On Rooted Devices (Banking Apps)

The new Google’s new Google Pay payment app is getting very much popular in India. Other banking apps like phonepe, DBS etc are also extensively used. But some users who have rooted smartphone are unable to use the Google Pay,Phonepe or any other banking app. There was a trick like android pay on rooted phone of passing safety net check-in Magisk but after updates that trick is also not working. We previously posted that trick but I think it doesn’t work on latest updated versions. So follow the post, How To Use Google Pay, Phonepe On Rooted Devices (Banking Apps). But if you still want to try the old method checkout the below link.


  • Rooted Smartphone
  • Magisk Hide Proper Configuration (Link given below)
  • BusyBox (Get it from PlayStore)

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You may have to get the error after entering the phone number. If you have gotten the error even after hiding the Magisk or Superuser then follow this trick. You may have to get an error like in the below screenshot.

Tez app 2 512x1024

These types of errors are reported by many users using other banking apps also. Though some apps only give warning and they allow the app to run but some doesn’t. So try the below method now.

Downloads Section:

How To Use Google Pay, Phonepe On Rooted Devices (Banking Apps):

1.) Download Magisk (link given in the download section) and BusyBox (from playstore).

2.) Enable them both, to enable BusyBox just open the BusyBox and install it in all directories. Enable the module (you downloaded) from Magisk.

3.) Now download terminal (PlayStore) install it and open the app.

4.) type in the command ”su” it will ask for SuperUser permission grant it.

5.) Now type the command ”props” and for few seconds. Screen will appear with digits.

6.) You have to select option 1 which shows edit device fingerprint, as shown in screenshot below and hit enter.

Gpay Phonepe banking Apps Enable Screenshots 3 e1553776602683


7.) Now select ”f” which has pick certified fingerprint. Hit enter.

8.) Then the screen will appear as shown in the below screenshot. You have to select ”3” option which has Google.

9.) Now again select Google Pixel 2 (to select type the number in front of the name). Hit enter.

Gpay Phonepe banking Apps Enable Screenshots 1 e1553776670538

10.) Press ”y” to confirm. It will ask to reboot the device. Select yes to reboot the device.

11.) After rebooting check safety net status from Magisk. Also download SafetyNetCheck from PlayStore and check the test.

Whoila, you will get passed in the test and now you can use Google Pay, PhonePe or any other banking apps on rooted smartphone. If you like the post share it with your friends, Follow us on Our Official Facebook page GIZDEV. Follow our Instagram page to know about our announcement about giveaways. Follow here. If you have any problems you can message. 

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