How To Know Type Of Processor Of Your Android (ARM,ARM64 Or X86)

The Android most popular operating system among mobile devices. The Android-based on the processors of Architecture ARM, ARM64, X86. Before the Android Lollipop, the Androids were based on X86 processor architecture. But after that Google supported the X64 based processors. Then the ARM64 is used on every Android device nowadays. If you want to know your Android Phone Processor Architecture then follow the post, How To Know Type Of Processor Of Your Android (ARM, ARM64 Or X86).

Know Your Android Phone Processor, Why?

If you use custom ROMs, you may at the stage of downloading the GAPPS. There it will show you a list of processors, ARM, ARM64, and X86 so then you should download it them according to your processor. Also, If you are sideloading the Apps then some apps require you to download according to the processor. So it is necessary to know the processor. Mostly it is ARM/ARM64 nowadays.

So, you can know the processor and its architecture and all of it’s by DroidInfo App. Its available on PlayStore. It gives all the information required about the processor. So download the app from below link and know your Android Phone Processor.


Download Section:

To Know:

1.) Download the DroidInfo APP from the above link.

2.) It will show you the full information about your phone.

3.) Move to SYSTEM Tab

4.)There you will see CPU Architecture under Processor section.

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